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Monday, Dec 5, 2022
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Truss Beverages expand THC-infused drink catalogue

15 new flavours set to help cannabis lovers quench thirst this summer

Truss Beverage Co. expands THC-infused drink catalogue
Photo via Truss Beverages

An Ontario-based company has announced plans to diversify its line of cannabis drinks this summer, helping put an end to the dark days of limited THC-infused beverage selections.

The company said on Tuesday that it would be launching a new line of 15 cannabis-infused libations, just in time for those warm summer months. Truss says that these new drinks are crafted to appeal to a broad range of consumers for an assortment of occasions.

Truss Beverages Co. is a joint venture between an alcohol and cannabis company, namely Molson Coors Canada and Hexo Corp. Hexo was founded with specific intentions of pioneering the development of THC-infused beverages for the Canadian market. Despite part ownership by a beer company, the drinks this joint venture produces are all non-alcoholic.

According to the company, the year-to-date growth of cannabis-infused drinks is up by over 45 per cent – nearly triple that of the total year-to-date cannabis sales. The company has expressed a strong desire to sufficiently fulfill an escalating demand for these products.

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“Consumers are looking for other adult-beverage options to alcohol, particularly for social occasions, and are turning to cannabis beverages as a great alternative,” said Dave Schlosser, CEO of Truss Beverage Co.

“With many eager to get out and socialize this summer, this is a critical time for the category and we’re excited to see where it takes the business,” he added.

Truss references these new products as being summer-inspired, and credits production to consumer-driven insights. Some users conveyed a desire for less sugar while others wanted more potent liquids (10 milligrams of THC per drink).

Examples from the company beverage roster include Little Victory Celtzer available in raspberry, peach, and lime flavor, and XMG Sodas available in cola, cream soda, orange and root beer varieties.

These tasty new drinks are scheduled to line the shelves of online retailers and cannabis shops this summer with varying availability in different provinces.

Photo via Truss Beverages


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