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Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Psilocybin and craft cannabis farmers to gather in B.C.

Meeting for Vancouver Island growers and community leaders to be held on June 16.

Psilocybin and craft cannabis farmers to gather in B.C.
Photo via TheraPsil

A very special one-day roundtable meeting will be held in mid-June for psilocybin producers and craft cannabis farmers on Vancouver Island. This momentous event aims to benefit fungi and ganja enthusiasts across the province and beyond.

Additional guests will include government officials, Indigenous leaders, business innovators and other prominent community figures.

The historic event on June 16 will be co-hosted by the non-profit TheraPsil and the BC Craft Farmers Co-op.

The objectives of the event will be to pinpoint social development and economic opportunities for psilocybin and craft cannabis producers on Vancouver Island and to facilitate productive discussion regarding ways to accomplish those desired opportunities with the public interest in mind.

According to TheraPsil and the BC Craft Co-op, important topics of discussion will include regulatory innovation, partnership with Indigenous governments, domestic and international tourism, safe and “green” cultivation practices, collaboration with provincial and federal governments and expanded medical access and treatment options for those suffering from addiction and chronic diseases.

Mugglehead reached out to the event organizers to ask about ideal economic outcomes derived from the event and they explained that there is an increased awareness of how well-positioned Vancouver Island is to be a world leader in both craft cannabis and psilocybin mushroom production.

“More specifically, this relates to destination tourism, direct and indirect job creation and potential breakthroughs regarding medical use and treatment.”

When Mugglehead asked TheraPsil about the new government plan to decriminalize small amounts of narcotics, the non-profit explained that while psilocybin wasn’t included in the plan, they are already working with local community organization’s to develop pilot psilocybin treatment projects.

Additional mission goals for the upcoming event include providing cannabis lovers worldwide access to high-grade B.C. products and paving the way for small-to-medium-sized growers to contend with large-scale producers in the global marketplace.

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TheraPsil is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 with the goal of aiding struggling Canadians with psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and legal access to medical psilocybin. The organization consists of community members, healthcare professionals, patients and other advocates.

“Navigating governmental processes in order to access legal and safe psilocybin therapy is complex, cumbersome for patients and healthcare providers and slow, hence why only 58 individuals have gained access with our help so far. We know this is not acceptable and change is urgently needed.” – TheraPsil

The BC Craft Farmers Co-op is an organization founded to assist with establishing British Columbia as an international leader in the global cannabis market.

TheraPsil released the full-day agenda on June 13 –

Roundtable Agenda

9:30 am: Guests Arrive and mingle

9:40 am: Introductions, Agenda Review, Meeting Purpose

10:00 am: Overview of Canada’s Cannabis and Regulatory Framework

10:25 am: Roundtable Discussion: Medical Access and Safe Supply

Topic #1: How can Vancouver Island farmers collaborate to provide a safe supply of cannabis and psilocybin to people suffering chronic health conditions and addiction?

11:15 am: BREAK – Media Availability

11:30 am: Overview of Job Creation and Economic Development Opportunities

11:45 am: Roundtable Discussion

Topic #2: Does Vancouver Island have a unique opportunity to be a world leader in craft cannabis, psilocybin production and treatment? If yes, what is the scale of this opportunity and what are the barriers to realizing this potential?

12:45 pm: Review Action Items

1:00 pm: BREAK – Media Availability

1:30 pm: Participant Lunch


Roundtable rendezvous for psilocybin and craft cannabis farmers set for Duncan, BC

Photo via TheraPsil


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