Health Canada Suspends B.C. Pot Firm Evergreen’s Licences

While investors await Health Canada's ruling on how it will enforce CannTrust's compliance breaches, the small pot producer's licences were suspended due to "critical observations" by the federal agency.

Prairie Records Named Top Pot Retailer in Canada, Westleaf Opens Calgary Location

Westleaf and its Prairie Records cannabis retail chain was named the top Canadian retailer at a major exposition in the same weekend the company opened its first Alberta location in Calgary.

U.S. Cannabis Industry Calls For Legalization to Stamp Out Illegal Vapes

Amid a breakout of vape-related lung illnesses in the U.S., the industry is calling for products to be regulated, while in Canada, pot firms say their legal vapes are rigorously tested and safe.

CBD and Marijuana Alternatives

Despite Summer Selloff, Eight Capital Still Bullish on Cannabis Sector

Between more store rollouts and Cannabis 2.0 coming in the Canadian market, and potential legalization in the U.S., the investment dealer says "the cannabis trade is not over."
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$TOKIF Tree of Knowledge International Corp. Appoints Spence Walker, CPA, CA, as Chief Financial Officer…

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The Quebec Poison Control Centre says the number of reported cases of cannabis poisoning has more than tripled in t…

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