‘It actually works’: Vancouver study shares stories of youth choosing weed over harder drugs

Authors of the rare qualitative research say health services must incorporate evidence that cannabis can reduce more harmful substance use
July 30, 2020

Vancouver cannabis harm reduction project finds a home

Activist Neil Magnuson operates outside the regulated market to offer low-barrier weed as an alternative to dangerous street drugs
July 28, 2020

FDA issues cannabis research guidelines as CBD industry still hangs in limbo

Vermont cannabis lawyer Timothy Fair calls FDA's two-year delay on CBD regulations 'beyond absurd'
July 24, 2020
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To us a muggle wasn't any more dangerous or habit-forming than those other great American vices, the five-cent Coke and the ice-cream cone, only it gave you more kicks for your money.

— Excerpt from jazz clarinetist Mezz Mezzrow's memoir Really the Blues, pub. 1946