Men Twice as Likely to Smoke Pot: Statistics Canada

The National Cannabis Survey also shows 42 per cent of Canadians who said they use pot bought it from the black market.

Acreage Sinks After Posting Q2 Loss, Aims To Open Tweed Pot Shops In California

Acreage shares fell 10 per cent after it posted a second-quarter loss of US$33.9 million, but the American pot firm said it plans to open up pot shops under Canopy's brands across the U.S.

Cannabis Extractor MediPharm Labs Posts Q2 Profit

While investors wait for cannabis retail and cultivation companies to post quarterly losses, the Barrie, Ont.-based pot extractor reported a second quarter profit ahead of the launch of Cannabis 2.0 products.

CBD and Marijuana Alternatives

Charlotte’s Web Slides on Second-Quarter Profit Drop

Shares of the Colorado-based CBD company slumped after it posted a decline in profit, as investors appear to be worried about how long it will take for the FDA to issue its CBD rules.
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RT : Patients’ wait for cannabis over in Arkansas; weather dreary but crowd excited as legal sales start


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