Pot stock leaders to consider ahead of US election: BCMI

Analyst Chris Damas gives investors his industry leaders in Canada and the U.S., which could win big if Democrats take power
October 28, 2020

Canadian cannabis laws kick Vancouver harm-reduction project to the curb

Despite backing from researchers and city officials, The Serious Hope Society was given seven days to leave its storefront by a judge last Friday
October 28, 2020

How Ann Arbor activists decriminalized psychedelics in a swing state

In September, the Michigan city halted enforcement related to all entheogenic plants. Officials hope the move will inspire other moderate jurisdictions
October 28, 2020


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To us a muggle wasn't any more dangerous or habit-forming than those other great American vices, the five-cent Coke and the ice-cream cone, only it gave you more kicks for your money.

— Excerpt from jazz clarinetist Mezz Mezzrow's memoir Really the Blues, pub. 1946