Why Acreage Holdings Is Already the Big Winner from its Deal with Canopy Growth

Acreage Holdings Inc. (CSE:ACRG.U) is already benefiting from a deal that hasn't even gone through. Recently, we learned that Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC)(TSX:WEED) was going to acquire Acreage but that the purchase would be contingent on marijuana first being legalized federally in the U.S. While that seems like a long ways away, that doesn't mean it hasn't been yielding results for Acreage already.

Aurora Cannabis Working on Odour-Eradicating Technology

Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB)(TSX:ACB) has caused issues with some of its neighbours regarding the smell that comes along with producing marijuana. And because Aurora Cannabis wants to be a good neighbour, it's working on trying to do what it can to minimize the impact.

Hexo and Molson Among Coalition of Companies Hoping to Shape the Beverages Market

With concerns of another rollout potentially in danger of falling flat, the Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliances has been formed by cannabis and alcohol companies. The group includes both Molson Coors Canada (TSX:TPX.B) and Hexo Corp (TSX:HEXO), which are working together under a joint venture. A total of 10 companies are included in the Alliance.
Delta 9 Reports Record Q4 Revenues of $5.27 Million

CanadaEarningsStock NewsStocksApril 23, 2019Delta 9 Reports Record Q4 Revenues of $5.27 Million

Delta 9 Cannabis (TSX-V:NINE) reported its quarterly earnings late Monday night. Revenues of $5.27 million for the quarter were 17 times the total that The Company recorded a year ago of just $302,284. Not only did Delta 9 show significant sales growth from last year, but even from Q3, which didn't include a full quarter of recreational sales. Revenues were more than quadruple the $1.25 million that was generated in the previous quarter. There was tremendous growth in Delta 9's top line that's sure to continue as we see the industry continue to grow.

CBD and Marijuana Alternatives

First Ever Cannabis Drinks Expo Coming This July

Cannabis-infused beverages are a lot of the hype this year. As more States legalize edibles and Canada set to allow them later this year, it's a segment of the industry that's going to take off - soon. According to Zenith Global, cannabis drinks reached $86 million in sales in 2018 for the U.S. market. However, by 2023, it estimates that number will jump to $1.4 billion.
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