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Friday, Dec 9, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Pure Sunfarms to hang dry and improve processing of cannabis plants

The hand-dried product will roll out as dried flower packs in the upcoming months

Pure Sunfarms transitioning to hang dry to protect its buds natural structure
Hang drying at Pure Sunfarms greenhouse. Photo via Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms has started following an old legacy market method and hanging its cannabis plants to maintain the structure of its buds.

This Monday, the cannabis producer subsidiary of Village Farms International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VFF) announced changes in its bud processing which will involve dry hanging, a process that was adapted from the legacy market said to protect the natural bud structure. The company’s goal is to improve the consumer’s experience.

Under this process, the plants are harvested whole and hung upside down to dry. The leaves create a natural barrier around the nugs containing trichomes, which are the plant’s outgrowths containing cannabinoids and terpenes.

The company says the process minimizes direct handling of the flowers and preserves the aromas better while delivering a higher terpene concentration. Each of the company’s 25 drying rooms can hold about 2,000 plants at one time.

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The hang dry technique involves hand harvesting mature plants at their peak and transferring them from the flower rooms to the hanging rooms where each plant is hung by hand. The company says the result is “frostier”, more aromatic and terpene-rich B.C. bud with a more natural shape. Pure Sunfarms has 1.65 million square feet of greenhouse space to hang the plants.

The company conducted tests before the move to determine optimal drying conditions, such as humidity, moisture and temperature levels. The hand-dried product will roll out as dried flower packs in the upcoming months.

“Our team is constantly identifying opportunities to innovate and evolve to elevate our products and bring consumers everyday premium BC bud—and hang drying is an extension of this,” CEO Mandesh Dosanjh said.

“As we continue to refine our hang dry process, consumers can expect our bag appeal to keep getting better. It’s all about getting that bag appeal.”

Dosanjh said the hang dry process has been years in the making and the company has been working with engineers, scientists and cultivators.

“We’re so proud to shine a light on this legacy practice and to be the first licensed producer to bring it to life, at scale.”


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  1. Tyler

    November 9, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Pure sunfarms is not the first company to hang dry. Completely false. Its an industry standard. Everyone hang drys. They also started doing this method in the middle of last year.

    Source: Pure sunfarms rep told me.

    • Natalia Buendia Calvillo

      November 9, 2022 at 12:53 pm

      Hello Tyler!

      Thanks for bringing that up, we will double-check our sources and update accordingly.

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