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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Nirvana Life acquires exclusive license for novel psychedelic delivery system

Canadian life sciences outfit continues to push the envelope in the clinical psychedelic sector

Nirvana Life acquires exclusive license for novel psychedelic delivery system
Photo via Nirvana Life Sciences

A Vancouver-based company dedicated to leveraging the power of psychedelic-assisted therapy has unveiled a new accomplishment that could permanently improve the way psychoactive compounds are administered in clinical settings.

On Wednesday, Nirvana Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: NIRV) happily announced that the company had obtained an exclusive license for a novel active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) delivery system. The new specialized technology was invented by Robert August, Head of Innovation at Nirvana in part for Hai Beverages Inc., a cannabis-infused drink company concerned with predictable precision dosing and bio-availability in its products.

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Nirvana is a Canadian company primarily concerned with developing chronic pain and addiction/relapse prevention products. The outfit promotes the use of natural psychoactive substances administered in clinical settings. The company also claims to have an exemplary research team dedicated to developing new therapies that will help diminish the prevalence of addiction in society.

Nirvana says that the novel API delivery system will have a rapid onset and high level of bioavailability. Additionally, the new technology will be utilized as a formulating agent for water-soluble and non-water-soluble APIs with an onset time between 20 to 45 minutes when administered orally.

The new bodily delivery method will then allegedly allow psychoactive compounds to circumvent first-pass liver metabolism and directly penetrate into the bloodstream, leading to a rapid onset within five minutes.

“This water-soluble formulation has served us well in other areas of medicine by increasing efficacy and shortening length of onset considerably. We are very excited to see what new and interesting formulations we can develop with this system in the therapeutic psychedelic sector,” said Mr. Robert August, Head of Innovation and Chief Chemist at Nirvana.

According to Nirvana, this new formulating delivery system can take a compound like MDMA with a high rate of anxiety for patients during the onset period and completely eliminate that initial stress experienced in subjects by dramatically shortening its onset time.

The life sciences company also says dissociative drugs like ketamine could now be administered orally with the same rapid onset time that one would experience if the compound was injected intramuscularly.

Nirvana feels that these new developments could help revolutionize the field of medicine.


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