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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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AI and Autonomy

Marvion launches educational metaverse called HKU Campusland on Roblox

Students can virtually interact with each other and faculty members virtually, take lessons and collaborate on projects in the ‘edu-verse’ environment

HKU Campusland
Photo by UK Black Tech via Unsplash

Marvion, the metaverse arm of Bonanza Goldfields (OTC:BONZ), launched HKU Campusland, a joint initiative with Marvel Digital AI and the Department of Statistics and Actual Science of HKU.

HKU Camplusland is the first metaverse campus with artificial intelligence. It was developed using the Roblox platform and officially launched October 17, 2022. Students can interact with each other and other faculty members virtually, as well as take lessons and collaborate on projects in what the company is calling the ‘edu-verse’ environment.

“This is a perfect example to showcase the potential of the metaverse in the field of education.  We have been working very closely with Marvion and Data Science Lab of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science to develop digital human avatars within HKU CampusLand that are capable of speech recognition, text analysis, facial expression recognition, etc,” said Dr Patrick Ma, CEO of MDAi.

This particular pairing makes sense given the synergies the two company’s share.

Bonanza Goldfields is a holding company based in Nevada. Bonanza operates as a media distribution business through its subsidiaries. It offers multiple different services including authentication, valuation and certification services and more, to purchasers of movie and music media through both traditional channels and non. It also performs these functions using blockchain technology through digital ownership tokens (DOT).

Marvion is a metaverse company proving content for diverse media such as movies, drama, animation, comics, music and games. It leverages blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT) as tools to improve and augment the existing entertainment industry and its practices. Marvion uses NFTs to create legally binding DOTs to represent both tangible and intangible media and entertainment assets.

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Virtual education at HKU Campusland

The HKU CampusLand is situated within a larger project called the Marvion Central Park environment. This environment contains virtual buildings, like a virtual arts and collectibles gallery, virtual stores and a recreational facilities and installation.

“As to why we have developed our metaverse on Roblox and not from scratch, the answer is simple. When you think of Web 3.0, the essence is about having something that can interoperate across different platforms.  Thus, our focus is to develop the AI applications that can operate in any given environment and not just one single metaverse.  Hence, as we continue to expand, Marvion Central Park will also be available on different platforms and offer a more diversified virtual learning experience – that we collectively term as Marvion’s Edu-verse.  While we are starting this project with HKU, we hope to bring this to more regions including Singapore, Europe and even the US,” said Raymond Chua, CEO of Marvel.

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