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Tuesday, Mar 28, 2023
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Arcascope and Henry Ford Health pioneer sleep app for shift workers

Arcascope says its technology will save employers money by minimizing the toll night shift work takes on employees

Arcascope and Henry Ford Health pioneer sleep app for shift workers
Photo via Henry Ford Health.

A company specializing in circadian rhythms technology has entered into a partnership with a renowned Detroit-based healthcare provider to improve the sleep of workers with difficult job schedules.

On Saturday, Arcascope announced its new partnership with Henry Ford Health and revealed that it would be unveiling its “Shift” mobile application and associated technology for shift-work employers at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas tomorrow, November 15.

The company describes the new technology as a comprehensive circadian health management solution intended for employers with employees working around the clock. Circadian rhythms are the natural cycle of physical, mental and behavioural changes the human body goes through in a 24-hour period.

Arcascope claims the app and its technology will help workers get longer periods of rest, diminish their insomnia symptoms and help facilitate a safer work environment. The company also says it will make employees happier people and dramatically reduce turnover rates, absenteeism and preventable errors in the workplace.

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The “Shift” mobile application is designed to provide workers with behavioural advice, hardware for assisting them with adjusting to shift work quicker and a dashboard for employers to comprehend the risk of dynamic fatigue.

Arcascope says the partnership with Henry Ford is enabling it to bring its circadian rhythms management technology to shift workers in the Henry Ford Health system, thereby allowing the company to make customized recommendations regarding behaviour and light environment changes. Arcascope has spent years developing this technology.

Arcascope and Henry Ford Health pioneer sleep app for shift workers

‘Shift’ application screenshots. Photo via Arcascope.

“We are thrilled to be working with the team at Henry Ford Health to reduce the overwhelming burden placed on emergency personnel by the round-the-clock nature of their jobs,” said Olivia Walch, Founder and CEO of Arcascope.

“This collaboration speaks to the growing awareness of shift work as a health crisis, as well as the transformational power of behavioral and environmental modifications to improve the wellbeing of these workers.”

Walch added the company had been consistently hearing from employers that shift workers are continually quitting because they are unable to get adequate rest. She says the company is excited to help workers with adjusting to shift work, getting better sleep and feeling better overall.

She also added that circadian science can enable people to succeed on work schedules that were previously intolerable.

Arcascope and Henry Ford Health pioneer sleep app for shift workers

‘Shift’ application screenshots. Photo via Arcascope.

“The science on how to help shift workers is strong,” said Philip Cheng, clinical psychologist and sleep research scientist at Henry Ford Health.

“The next step is to translate it into practice in the real world. I’m excited to see the Arcascope team take the lead on bringing their innovative circadian technology to our healthcare workers at Henry Ford Health and to health systems everywhere.”

Henry Ford Health has had an interest in sleep long before this partnership and owns the Henry Ford Allegiance Sleep Health Center in Jackson, Michigan dedicated to treating sleep disorders.

Arcascope has developed a “Shift Work Cost Savings Calculator” to help employers determine how much the company can help them save.

Arcascope and Henry Ford Health pioneer sleep app for shift workers

Nurse crosses from day shift to night shift. Photo via Arcascope.


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