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Saturday, Jun 15, 2024
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Cymbiotika unveils new herbal ‘Sleep’ product

The new product will cost US$38 per bottle and for those in Canada there is currently a wait list for it

Cymbiotika unveils new herbal 'Sleep' product
Photo via Cymbiotika.

A health and wellness brand in San Diego has crafted a new herbal sleep aid product that is also said to help regulate blood pressure and relieve migraines.

On Thursday, Cymbiotika announced the launch of Sleep, a formula designed to assist with getting better rest at night along with a variety of other beneficial uses.

The company says customers can enjoy the new product directly from a spoon or combine it with their favourite drinks.

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Cymbiotika says the new product is jam-packed with calming and relaxing bioavailable ingredients that can regulate blood pressure, balance the effects of caffeine, provide relief from leg cramps and migraines and promote quality sleep.

Ingredients in the Sleep product include organic cacao, chamomile, melatonin, passionflower, magnesium bisglycinate, L-theanine, 5-HTP, GABA and vitamin B5 and B6. The product is composed of a combination of vitamins, fat compounds, herbs and amino acids and uses a so-called “liposomal technology” to enable the body to efficiently absorb nutrients.

“Our customers have been asking us for a sleep formula for years. We realized that the sleep products currently on the market are filled with additives, fillers and preservatives. We wanted to provide a remedy for our consumers that would have only the best benefits,” said Chervin Jafarieh, co-founder of Cymbiotika.

Cymbiotika unveils new herbal 'Sleep' product

Company team celebrates breast cancer awareness month. Photo via Cymbiotika.

The product can be purchased on the company’s website and there is currently a waiting list for those in Canada. The company suggests that Sleep should be taken six days a week.

Cymbiotika was founded in 2017 and takes pride in formulating products that don’t contain chemicals, GMO’s, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.


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