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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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National Sleep Foundation awards Novalogy and Sunrise with 2022 Sleep Tech Award

Novalogy’s Ayo won in the ‘Sleep Health and Wellness’ category and Sunrise was victorious in the ‘Sleep Disorders and Conditions’ class

National Sleep Foundation awards Ayo and Sunrise with 2022 Sleep Tech Award
Novalogy's Ayo circadian health wearable. Photo via Ayo

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), a non-profit dedicated to sleep advocacy and education for over three decades, has announced the two winners of its 2022 Sleep Tech Award.

On Wednesday, the organization revealed that Novalogy’s Ayo device, which it describes as “the world’s first circadian health wearable that combines chronobiology and light therapy,” has taken home the award in the Sleep Health and Wellness category. Additionally, Sunrise, a device used for diagnosing sleep apnea, was the winner in the Sleep Disorders and Conditions class.

The award recognizes innovative companies that have been advancing sleep technology through the development of beneficial devices like these.

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Sunrise describes its flagship device as a disposable, diagnostic home-based solution comprised of one sensor which sits on a user’s chin. The device works in unison with a smartphone application and cloud platform that healthcare professionals can utilize to manage sleep studies, assisting physicians to diagnose disorders like sleep apnea. The company says the device is FDA De Novo granted.

“We congratulate Novalogy and Sunrise for winning our 2022 SleepTech Award. Both organizations are incorporating sleep science and insight into developing products that can help consumers and patients get the sleep they need to be healthy,” said John Lopos, CEO of the NSF.

“We are truly grateful to the National Sleep Foundation for the recognition of our efforts in advancing consumer sleep and health technology, with the goal of better sleep and a healthier life for millions of people around the world – a mission that’s close to our heart at Novalogy,” said Branislav Nikolic, CEO and Founder of Novalogy.

“After years of development, it’s truly gratifying to unveil AYO.”

CEO of Sunrise Laurent Martinot also added that his company was honoured to have received the award and that Sunrise hopes to help millions of people with sleep apnea who are yet to receive a proper diagnosis. He says the largely undiagnosed disorder impacts billions of people around the globe and takes a tremendous toll on society.


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