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Sunday, Dec 3, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Adamas One and diamond influencer show manufacturing process on viral Instagram video

Viral instagram video collects over 200K views in the first hour after posting

Photo by Bas van den Eijkhof via Unsplash

Adamas One (NASDAQ: JEWL) announced that diamond influencer TRAX NYC went for a video tour of the company’s factory in Greenville, South Carolina, and posted about the company’s development process in an Instagram video that has since gone viral with over 200K views within the first hour

Located in New York City’s diamond district, TraxNYC has been around since 2003. The core of their influence game involves finding and enhancing customer experience when it comes to selecting and appreciating fine jewellery. Adamas One intends on growing custom diamonds for TRAX NYC’s business.

“America is the new Africa when it comes to diamonds and it’s all thanks to Adamas One in Greenville, S.C.,” said Maksoud Trax Agadjani, TRAX NYC’s founder.

“The important thing isn’t lab or mined, the important thing is getting a good quality product for a good price.”

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Lab-grown diamonds are a fast growing market

Adamas One manufactures lab-grown diamonds, producing near flawless single-crystal rocks for gemstones and industrial applications.

The company holds 36 patents and uses a process called chemical vapor deposition to grow gem-sized and smaller diamond crystals. The process allows it to produce high quality, high purity, single-crystal colorless, near colorless and fancy colored Type IIA diamonds. Additionally, this type of diamonds are commonly used in industrial and gemstone applications.

“It’s amazing to work with creative minds in the diamond industry. Max is so far ahead of the pack in terms of his mindset and marketing, it will be a great partnership for both of our companies. It was great to show off our growing process, which we believe sets us apart from the competition,” said Jay Grdina, Adamas One’s CEO.

Image via Mordor Intelligence.

The synthetic diamond market is anticipated to reach USD$20.2 million by the end of 2023. It’s also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 per cent over the next few years, according to Mordor Intelligence.

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