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Saturday, Jun 15, 2024
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VNUE to put first festival in the metaverse on the Roblox platform

The first phase of the company’s plans involve bringing the VNUE festival to the Roblox’s 50 million active users.

Image via Roblox

VNUE (OTC:VNUE) and Kokku, a South American based gaming and entertainment firm, are producing a VNUE Festival and multi-stage experience on the Roblox (NYSE:RBLX) metaverse platform.

The first phase of the company’s plans involve bringing the VNUE festival to the Roblox’s 50 million active users. It intends to create a user-friendly process for creation, promotion, distribution and management of interactive online streaming and gaming events.

“VNUE has a long history of creating and delivering innovative forms of music entertainment monetization, for example and StageIt, and we are expanding dramatically into a new world of channel opportunities, production services, and new deployment opportunities for core technology such as the Soundstr music identification and royalty administration services for the metaverse – the first of its kind.  The strategic partnership with Kokku, a proven and top-rated game and graphics design firm, will unfold with highly valuable client services and together we will build our iconic, virtual “venues” where entertainers in music, comedy, sports, and more will take up virtual residency,” said Zach Bair, CEO and chairman of VNUE.

VNUE is primarily a music technology company that monetizes live music performances for artists, labels, writers and publishers. Using products like content distribution platform. It also has a ticketed livestream platform called StageIt, and a music recognition technology called Soundstr.

Kokku, in contrast, is a Brazilian-based co-development company involved in art outsourcing and full game development, including port and remastering. It’s worked with major publishers and developers like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, Tencent, Samsung, Warner Bros and more. Some of the franchises its had a hand in bringing to market include Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and the award winning The Forgotten City. It’s also responsible for bring pop culture titles like Netflix’s Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall, Samsung Space Tycoon, and Warner’s Wonder Woman: Themyscyra Experience to the Roblox metaverse.

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The VNUE festival

The festival will be ongoing, continually presenting both free and ticket concerts, music launches, listening parties and other events. It will happen every day across multiple venues. Fans will get to see interactive games, have access to eMerch and parental controls for younger audiences. The company intends on announcing partners, sponsors and musical curators over the next few months once they get them.

“Virtual entertainment is now a global enterprise with worlds of opportunity for branding and partnerships. We found the right partner in Kokku, whose established impact globally and large presence in South America ensures that we are able to not only build these worlds, but also facilitate each step of the virtual event execution process,” said Jim King, VNUE’s chief technology officer.

“Rapidly evolving technology and post-quarantine consumption indicate that the virtual space is a crucial marketplace for the discovery, interaction, and consumption of entertainment. In our recent acquisition of livestreaming company StageIt and our partnership with Kokku, we are creating fun, interactive, and monetized musical, comedy, and other entertainment stages and festival concourses where fans are engaged and entertained before, during, and after shows,” added King.

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