Industry updateSalmon Arm RCMP seize 1,600 cannabis plants from unlicensed grow

The raid comes amid reports of increased police presence in the area and incoming warrants for growers
Nick Laba Nick LabaApril 27, 20212 min

Salmon Arm RCMP executed a search warrant under the Cannabis Act in Sorrento, B.C. on Tuesday at an unlicensed cannabis growing operation, a BC RCMP spokesperson says.

Two men were arrested and released for court in the near future, E Division senior media relations officer Staff Sergeant Janelle Shoihet tells Mugglehead in an email.

Confirmation of the enforcement comes amid reports of increased police presence in the region, and rumours in the community that a number of warrants against growers are incoming.

Police seized over 1,600 cannabis plants and Canadian currency, Staff Sergeant Shoihet says.

“I am not aware of any planned enforcement in the upcoming days,” she said. “However as you know we may not be notified in advance of such enforcement taking place.”

If you have any further information, send tips to

Top image for display purposes only — not of the grow raided Tuesday


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    Jake Rondeau

    April 29, 2021 at 7:02 pm

    How about busting the licensed producers who are still black marketing their weed and have silent gang members who financed them. Also, the indigenous Bloom dispensaries who don’t follow the regulations and sell to minors?


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