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Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Ontario company develops 35% THC cannabis with no smell

CannabCo says it’s received its confirmation of readiness from Health Canada to become a licensed producer

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp--CannabCo Reveals 41- Odourless Can
Certificate of analysis for the Purecann cultivar. Photo via CannabCo

Ontario-based CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. could be changing the definition of dank, by growing a cannabis cultivar very high in THC but without the plant’s distinctive smells.

On Tuesday, the company said its Purecann strain tested for total cannabinoid content of 41 per cent, with 35-per-cent THC. Currently, the highest THC percentage for legal flower available in Canada is around 31 per cent.

“With the demand for high THC strains, it made sense to target the same in odourless variants and our result is one of the highest THC strains produced to date,” CannabCo’s CEO Mark Pellicane said in a statement.

Pellicane says his company has multiple 30-per-cent cultivars in the works, as well as specific strains with targeted cannabinoid levels for specific markets and effects.

During the pandemic, CannabCo had the chance to develop products that target multiple markets, COO Mark Novak said.

“For example, Israel currently has a THC cap on dry bud, so we’ve developed products specific to the 20–25-per-cent range in order to maximize consumer uptake for that specific medical and pending recreational markets”.

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The company added it has been approached by other international markets in Australia, South America and the European Union.

CannabCo received its confirmation of readiness from Health Canada to become a licensed producer, and it is currently building a facility in the Brampton area.

The company says it will continue to develop new products with its undisclosed technology and grow partner.

Apart from its odourless weed, Cannabco has developed a low cost hydroponic grow technology.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Susan

    December 20, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    I am glad to finally be able to acquire high THC level cannibus. No could find away to not make me cough so hard. Edibles don’t get me high. 1 also have lung issues and wish I didn’t cough so much.

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