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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022
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Nextleaf adds to its Glacial Gold catalogue

Company launches 3:1 CBD vape in berry lemonade flavour

Nextleaf adds to its Glacial Gold catalogue
Photo via Nextleaf Solutions

A renowned B.C. producer of extracts, oils and vapes has added a new addition to its catalogue of cannabis derivatives.

On Tuesday, Nextleaf Solutions Inc. (CSE: OILS) (OTCQB: OILFF) (FSE: L0MA) was happy to announce the debut of its CBD vape addition to the company’s Glacial Gold brand.

The 3:1 vape containing a 75 per cent CBD and 25 per cent THC concentration will be making its debut on an unspecified date in B.C. this summer. The berry lemonade flavour vaporizer will soon be available throughout the province in a 1-gram format, and obtainable nationally in the months to come.

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Nextleaf is a federally regulated producer and distributor responsible for creating a series of oils and cannabis vapes under the prohibition-era Glacial Gold brand established in 2015. The extract specialist was the first publicly traded company to receive a U.S. patent for the commercial purification and extraction of cannabinoids. Nextleaf also holds a Health Canada Research License for its cannabinoid extraction endeavours.

The company is proud to have technology enabling the conversion of industrial hemp biomass (seeds, leaves, stalks, etc.) into a purified CBD distillate lacking the presence of any pesticides, wax or chlorophyll. Glacial Gold products are manufactured at Nextleaf Labs in Vancouver.

“With Nextleaf’s multi-patented extraction and distillation technology, we are able to control the quality and price of cannabinoid ingredients and position the Glacial Gold brand as a price-point value leader in all distillate-focused product categories,” said Nextleaf CEO and Co-Founder, Paul Pedersen.

In June, Nextleaf sold over 100 kilograms of distilled CBD and THC ingredients to its business partners. The company claims that distillate derived from its ingredient processing technology will be a driving force for over 15 brands in the Canadian market throughout the course of the summer.

Nextleaf stock is traded as LoMA on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany, OILFF on the OTCQB market in the U.S. and OILS on the Canadian Securities Exchange.


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