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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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Lehua partners with Maven Genetics for limited edition beverage

Live resin-infused refreshment makes California debut this summer

Lehua partners with Maven Genetics for limited edition beverage
Photo via Maven Genetics

On the west coast of the United States a pair of renowned cannabis producers plan to make waves in the market with a fancy new beverage.

On Tuesday, Lehua Brands Ltd. announced the debut of Maven Peach Crème Gelato TerpTonic (PCG TerpTonic), a limited edition cannabis-infused beverage created in partnership with Maven Genetics.

The new ice-cream-variety refreshment is said to be the first single-strain live resin-infused drink available in California.

Photo via Lehua Brands

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Lehua Brands is a designated producer and distributor of several award-winning products including Herbology extracts, VOILA! sparkling water and Olala craft sodas. Based in King City, California — the company derives its name and product themes from the lehua blossom flower in Hawaii which allegedly represents love, resilience and renewal.

Maven Genetics was solely founded to breed and cultivate rare and exotic varieties of high-grade indoor cannabis.

The new drink offered by the two companies will contain four ingredients: Terpene infused CO₂ gas, live resin extract from Maven’s Peach Crème Gelato cannabis flower, mineral water taken from the Salinas Valley Watershed and specialized water-soluble emulsions.

Live resin is a potent variety of cannabis extract that utilizes freshly frozen cannabis to help preserve terpenes present in the plants. Those terpenes can be lost through the drying and curing process involved with producing other types of extracts.

“The moment we sampled a test batch of PCG TerpTonic, we recognized Lehua’s extraordinary ability to formulate a cannabis-infused beverage that showcased the taste, aroma, and sensory effect of our flower. This collaboration introduces our genetics to a new consumer audience and allows our traditional consumer to experience their favourite flower in a new way,” said Shane Ponto, Co-Founder of Maven Genetics.

PCG TerpTonic will feature the same native terpenes and psychoactive qualities present in Maven’s Peach Crème Gelato flower cultivar. The indica-dominant hybrid strain containing a 30 per cent THC content ratio is said to have a sweet and sour peach flavour.

“It has been a privilege to collaborate with Maven Genetics, particularly as both organizations believe in the sanctity of finely curated cannabis and share a commitment to offering a cannabis experience as nature intended. The initial consumer reaction has been a combination of surprise, revelation, and delight! PCG TerpTonic is cannabis as it has rarely been experienced before,” said Randy Reed, Chief Science Officer at Lehua Brands.

PCG TerpTonic will be available at select retail outlets across the state of California for a limited time. Each bottle will contain 10 milligrams of THC with no sugar, fat or carbohydrates.


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