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Friday, Jun 2, 2023
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Fernway implements green initiative

Massachusetts vape brand unveils first-of-its-kind recycling program to accompany its new product

Fernway introduces green initiative accompanying new product
Photo via Fernway

A top vaporizer manufacturer in the state of Massachusetts has proudly established a new environmentally-focused initiative to compliment one of its products.

On Monday, Fernway announced the launch of the Fernway Recycling Program — an ecologically-oriented project to accompany the debut of the company’s new Traveller vape.

Photo via Fernway – The new recyclable Traveler pocket vape

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Fernway claims that through a combination of cannabis oil with exceptional purity, high-grade custom hardware and premium terpenes it will deliver consumers the best-in-class vaporizer that they deserve. The company believes that cannabis vapes can amplify enjoyable life experiences into even better ones.

The Fernway Recycling Program will be the first-of-its-kind ever offered in Massachusetts, and the company feels that it will be an efficient means for vape users to minimize waste and care for the environment on a small scale.

“We always put the customer first when we develop new products, so we’re thrilled to make it easy for our customers to easily recycle their Travelers and join the conversation around sustainability in the cannabis industry,” said Fernway CEO and Co-Founder, Kit Gallant.

Consumers purchasing a Fernway Traveller at designated retailers will be able to bring their finished cartridges back to the dispensary and place them in a secure dropbox. Fernway will then organize the pick up and recycling of previously enjoyed units via its renowned cannabis waste solutions partner — GAIACA.

“When vapes are marketed as ‘disposables’, that’s a problem. It encourages people to throw them in the trash, which creates environmental waste. The vast majority of our customers say that wastefulness is the single biggest hesitation they have about vaping, and it doesn’t have to be that way. The customer no longer has to choose between having a great cannabis experience and being environmentally conscious. So as part of our launch of the Fernway Traveler, we created the Fernway Recycling Program, and that’s why we say that Traveler is not a ‘disposable’ – it’s a ‘recyclable’,” added Gallant.

Gallant also claims that the new Fernway vape is an undeniably superior product with several distinctive features including a meticulously crafted tank that maximizes efficiency and a smart power gauge.

The Fernway Traveller and its accompanying recycling program will be making its way to dispensaries across Massachusetts beginning this month. Products produced by the vape manufacturer are currently available in over 160 retail outlets.

Fernway is also proud that the company was listed as one of the top five cannabis brands to watch for in the United States by BDSA, a market researcher and analytics company headquartered in Colorado.


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