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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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California farmers begin paving Emerald Road

New blockchain-powered cannabis industry platform aims to be community hub for industry

California cannabis farmers pave Emerald Road
Photo via Wikimedia Commons - Paweł Maliszczak

In California a group of local cultivators led by an experienced entrepreneur plan to forever change the way that the cannabis community functions online.

On Friday, the crypto-exclusive digital cannabis platform Emerald Road announced its formation.

Founded by Justin Calvino in Los Angeles, the new trailblazing e-commerce hub aims to become the cannabis community equivalent of what Uber is to transportation or what Facebook is to social media.

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Emerald Road has a goal to become the favourite online platform for consumers, retailers and those involved with the cannabis industry. Utilizing an assortment of purchasing and marketing tools, community-building infrastructure, education and other content provided through a festival-style online platform, Emerald Road aims to not only become a leader in cannabis but social media as well.

Users will be able to browse cannabis merchandise with informative video content from an assortment of retailers in the Farmers Market, listen to music or learn about yoga at the Wellness Village or access academic content related to cannabis at Emerald University.

Photo via Emerald Road

The application will feature an in-house crypto token only utilized for purchases on Emerald Road that will become available in October.

Mugglehead reached out to Justin Calvino via phone call and he stated that although crypto currency may come across as confusing to new users, buying coins to use on the platform will be as simple as purchasing shoes on Amazon.

Users will simply create an account, register a credit card for billing and purchase tokens for buying and selling goods and services on the app.

“Crypto and cannabis are a match made in heaven,” said Justin Calvino.

“People with zero crypto experience will feel comfortable as long as they have experience setting up other types of accounts online. It will not be augmented and you won’t have to learn anything crazy specific for it,” he added.

Currently, Calvino has not decided what type of blockchain Emerald Road will be using.

“I would like to see Emerald Road associated with the global cannabis marketplace and as an industry leader in social media and education along with having multiple small batch craft communities and micro brands using it survive,” said Calvino.

Emerald Road claims that it will be a superior platform compared to others currently available due to a more interactive experience than anything in existence today. Virtual cannabis farm tours and member-only experiences yet to be revealed are examples of why the application will allegedly be superior.

“Legacy platforms are not embracing emerging technologies and currently, there is no central hub for canna-culture and canna-curious consumers to connect, socialize, learn, transact, and be entertained, not to mention the restrictions on cannabis advertising,” said Calvino lastly.

Local cannabis brands involved with forming the Emerald Road include Andy Box, Native Humboldt Farms and several others.

Photo via Emerald Road


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