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Saturday, Jul 2, 2022
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Crystal Cure opens first farmgate cannabis store in Atlantic Canada

A backburner project slated for years down the line quickly became reality after the province said in August that on-site sales would be allowed

Crystal Cure opens first farmgate cannabis store in Atlantic Canada
Customers can reserve products online, or drop in at Le Backdoor from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and place an order directly. Photo via Crystal Cure

Canada’s fourth farmgate pot shop will provide access to organic, locally grown cannabis straight from greenhouses in New Brunswick.

On Thursday, licensed produced Crystal Cure Inc. opened the doors to its Le Backdoor, Atlantic Canada’s first farmgate store — located in Shediac Cape.

Le Backdoor will offer local, small-batch, organic cannabis products such as flower and pre-rolls to start and in the future, it is planning to offer THC and CBD oils as well as topical products.

The company’s name is inspired by its experience in the legacy market, where “back doors were a way of life.”

“Our entire team is incredibly excited about this program, and we are grateful for the progressive leadership shown by Cannabis NB to make it happen here in New Brunswick,” CEO Jonathan Wilson said in a statement.

“We had pegged this as being years away and put it on the backburner. This now gives us an opportunity to talk and engage with consumers that visit our location and helps us find a home for wonderful products that may not be a fit for our retail and wholesale partners across the country.”

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Each week, the company will publish available products in a newsletter and on its social media channels. Customers can reserve online and pick up and pay for the product afterward at the shop. Le Backdoor is open from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday if customers want to swing by.

“This will be a great place to talk with our team, see what unique, small-batches we’ve been working on, and to purchase products that may have sold out quicker in local Cannabis NB stores,” Wilson explained, adding that the local community is their biggest supporter.

Customers can check on the Crystal Cute website for available products. Screenshot via Crystal Cure

Crystal Cure uses its own organic soil Adonis Living soil, which is also available for purchase by home growers and other producers.

The store will offer unique small-batches that may not reach retailers or other distributors. It will also offer products from Dieppe-based micro producer Golden Peak Cannabis.

Crystal Cure worked on its e-commerce platform with Nova Scotia-based payment provider SONA.

The company has stated plans to expand its facilities to include lodging, a health spa and an education centre.

Screenshot via Crystal Cure

The Atlantic province announced its farmgate program in August, which came as a welcome surprise to the local industry.

As per federal and provincial rules, all farmgate cannabis must be grown, produced and packaged onsite as well as meet all Health Canada regulations, including packaging and labelling, testing requirements, excise stamps and social responsibility.

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This is the fourth farm gate shop in Canada after Sensi Brands opened its shop at the end of September. The first store was opened this April by Thrive Cannabis in Jarvis, Ontario followed by Royal Cannabis Supply Co. by Medz Cannabis in Etobicoke.

British Columbia has promised a farmgate program in 2022, but only Ontario and New Brunswick have allowed the model thus far.


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