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Thursday, Jun 30, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Sensi Brands opens Canada’s third farmgate cannabis store

The store features a railway theme, tipping its hat to its hometown of St. Thomas, where the company is a major employer

Sensi Brands opens third farmgate cannabis store in Ontario2crop
Station House Cannabis Co opened on Wednesday. Photo via Sensi Brands

Getting fresh cannabis straight from the greenhouses of Canadian growers just got easier with the country’s third farmgate shop opening this week.

On Wednesday, licensed producer Sensi Brands Inc. said it cut the ribbon to its railway-inspired cannabis store Station House Cannabis Co. in in St. Thomas, Ontario. The store sells Sensi’s locally grown craft products, and a unique selection of other local Ontario products.

This is the third farmgate store in Ontario, and Canada, after Thrive Cannabis opened the first store this April in Jarvis, and Royal Cannabis Supply Co. by Medz Cannabis opened in Etobicoke.

“We are very pleased to offer a plant-to-consumer experience in partnership with our eco-system of licensed cultivators, many of which are based in Ontario, and proudly showcasing our market-leading locally grown, processed and packaged cannabis products,” CEO Tony Giorgi said in a statement.

The freight train-themed store allows visitors to get an inside look at cultivation practices, which are now shown via video footage but eventually there will be a window looking into on-site grow rooms.

The new seed-to-sale store was made from an upcycled shipping container and designed to look like a freight train. Photo via Sensi Brands

The store was made from an upcycled shipping container and named after Sensi’s best-selling brand Station House alluding to St. Thomas’ nickname “The Railway City.” The town is a 30-minute drive from London, Ont.

“The focus on ‘shop local’ has been strong in our community and I have no doubt that this new initiative will prove to be very popular, particularly with the railway-themed Station House brand leading the way,” says Sean Dyke, CEO of the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation.

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Sensi Brands launched in January 2020, and has grown from four to 70 employees over the past several months, becoming one of the largest employers in St. Thomas.

While governments in provinces like British Columbia have promised farmgate sales next year, governments in Ontario and as of August, New Brunswick, have been the only ones to allow a farmgate sales model.


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