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Monday, Jun 27, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Cova Software aligns with Tymber for improved retail operating system

Companies merge to streamline eCommerce + POS for cannabis merchants

Cova Software aligns with Tymber
Photo via Unsplash

A leading cannabis software solutions company has now entered into a partnership with an eCommerce retail expert.

On Monday, Cova Software announced via a press release that it would be integrating Tymber’s eCommerce platform into its organized retail system, helping to power dispensaries across North America more efficiently.

The Cova Point of Sale (POS) and Tymber collaboration will allow cannabis retailers to reliably process transactions, display meticulous product information, construct and maintain customer profiles and distribute live inventory updates to consumers via digital platforms. Both companies emphasize the value of aligning for customer satisfaction and brand development.

Cova has an award-winning POS and inventory tracking system. Combined with Tymber’s software, the company seeks to provide cannabis retailers with a coherent and user-friendly apparatus that will facilitate a smooth online and in-store shopping experience. Since launching four years ago, the company has surpassed over 50 POS systems to become a top tech choice for prominent cannabis shops in North America.

Cova is the #1 cannabis POS in the entire continent actually, having its system integrated into over 2,000 retail locations. The company specializes in software specifically designed for cannabis retail, and its award-winning POS & inventory management platform is capable of organizing and simplifying elaborate business operations.

“Cova’s goal is to provide cannabis retailers with beneficial tools to ensure their growth and success,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software.

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Tymber provides dispensaries with an SEO-optimized eCommerce platform that enables cannabis retailers to captivate and retain their customer base via smartphone apps and store websites.

Rather than having a system of segregated services, Cova and Tymber have erected a simplified smooth-running software system designed to efficiently manage customer orders, discounts, taxes and fees. Live inventory tracking and delivery are examples of convenient and intuitive services now offered by the company duo.

“Both Cova and Tymber understand that retail is the backbone of the cannabis industry,” said Scott Roehrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Tymber.

“This integration furthers our mission to ensure their success. We’re proud to partner with Cova, and we’re excited to offer our native e-commerce and mobile app solutions to more customers across North America,” he added. 

Photo via Cova Software


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