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Monday, Jun 27, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Buddy Homburg: A fatty new ‘cannagar’ to take Canada up in smoke this summer

Pristine new cannabis cigar set to make Canadian debut in July, first of its kind

Buddy Homburg: A fatty new 'cannagar' to take Canada up in smoke this summer
Photo via Brandolier Holdings Inc.

Brandolier Holdings Inc. is set to premiere a new 2-gram cannabis cigar or so-called “cannagar” in July this year.

The newfangled product announced on Wednesday will be a first for the Canadian market and will be infused with CBD and CBG oils containing a signature terpene mix.

Those two oils will be saturated throughout the center of a 20 per cent THC flower hemp tube with intention of creating an evenly burning product. Earlier infused products like this have been known to suffer from clogging issues according to the new cannagar creators. The filter will be crafted from corn husk to assist with rendering “an ultra-smooth smoking experience from start to finish” – according to Brandolier.

The product promises to deliver an infusion of 300 milligrams of THC, 200 milligrams of CBD, 100 milligrams of CBG and 5 per cent terpenes with every single roll for a total of 600 milligrams of cannabinoids. The product will also likely require more than one user to smoke in a single sitting as the estimated burning time for Buddy is approximately 22.5 minutes.

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The strain present within the cannagar will be Panama Gold, which the company says is a nod to the landrace cultivars Panama Red and Acapulco Gold.

“Social or solo, the product can be enjoyed with friends as a communal event or consumed alone when a smaller pre-roll just isn’t enough. The CBD and CBG infusion enhances the occasion,” said Darren Darcy, Brandolier’s brand and product development lead.

Brandolier is also known for its line of Hycycle and Flyte vapes, and Transit High-Potency Alleviating Oil – a 60g topical oil infused with 400 milligrams of CBD and 300 milligrams of THC.


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