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Monday, Feb 26, 2024
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Arthrex partners with Couchbase to help surgeons maximize patient outcomes

Couchbase platform allows for safe, secure and regulatory-compliant data collection and synchronization across devices

Photo by Tom Claes via Unsplash

Couchbase (NASDAQ:BASE)’s platform on Amazon Web Services has been chosen by the surgery-focused tech company Arthrex to help improve patient outcomes.

Couchbase is used in hospitals and operating rooms to capture, sync and store patient data, surgical data and media metadata. This includes images and videos from Arthrex devices. The data goes into Synergy SurgeonVault, Arthrex’s cloud-based surgeon to patient communication tool, which surgeons then use to create post-operation reports for ongoing patient care.

“At Arthrex, we are dedicated to helping surgeons tap into technology to provide advanced treatment for patients and improve outcomes. That’s why hospitals rely on SurgeonVault to empower surgeons with access to patient data whenever they need it,” said Gregory St. Clair, software architect at Arthrex.

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The devices use a Linux-based application embedded with Couchbase Lite to keep relevant data. The company uses them to run 100 per cent of the time regardless of internet connectivity status. This failsafe reduces operational latency and downtime for surgical instruments. Afterwards, Couchbase syncs data from the devices across the hospital’s network in a reliable and secure manner.

Arthrex closes communication gaps for surgeons and patients

Hospitals store the data in centralized locations and use it to power Arthrex’s applications and devices. These connect to surgical devices and other medical systems, such as hospital electronic health record systems.

Synergy SurgeonVault uses Couchbase’s platform to synchronize the application with data from devices, systems and infrastructure. Surgeons can then use this data to improve communications with patients and provide personalized access to post-operative patient care.

“We introduced an industry-first embedded document database that automatically synchronizes data across the entirety of an organization’s cloud, edge and mobile infrastructure, with or without internet connectivity,” said Wayne Carter, vice president of engineering at Couchbase.

Arthrex is a medtech company offering interconnected surgical devices for hospital operating rooms. These include endoscopic cameras, pumps, ablation devices and insufflators, which are devices surgeons use for bone and ligament surgery and reconstruction.

Arthrex works in a highly regulated environment, and it’s aware that it needs to protect sensitive information across its entire pipeline to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Couchbase provides this by using Transport Layer Security for transport, database encryption and accessibility controls.

“Our devices operate in a mostly heterogeneous environment, with a variety of different devices and versions of devices. We want to be able to move data around the entire ecosystem, including between devices and other tiers. Anyone who has tried to do this knows it is very difficult. Couchbase gives us the flexibility of NoSQL and JSON, making it easier for us to passively pass data back and forth,” said St. Clair.


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