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Saturday, Dec 3, 2022
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TripSitter acquires Reconscious Medical assets to enhance its treatment options

TripSitter says the acquisition will be ‘instrumental’ for the future of the company

TripSitter acquires Reconscious Medical assets to expand treatment offerings
Photo via TripSitter Clinic.

TripSitter Clinic Ltd. (TripSitter.Clinic) (CSE: KETA) (FSE: UYO) has completed an acquisition of the assets of Insight Systems, PBC which has been doing business as Reconscious Medical following a partnership announcement from the two companies in March.

TripSitter announced the news on Friday and says the new assets from the transaction will be “instrumental in the future growth plans of the company.”

Reconscious Medical is a psychedelic psychotherapy company specializing in high and low-dose ketamine treatments in-person and virtually. The organization has trained physicians, therapists and integration specialists.

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TripSitter says the acquisition will enable the company to improve its current offerings through enhanced tripsitting (patient care), preparation and integration services provided to patients. Those patients will have better access to integration specialists with an established background in mental health and expertise in psychedelic integration and mindfulness.

“We’re excited by both the prospective benefits for our patients as well as the competitive advantages we’ll gain by bringing Reconscious Medical into our family at TripSitter.Clinic.,” said John Huber, CEO of TripSitter in March.

“This will enable us to expand TripSitter.Clinic quickly but to grow with the most professional and experienced team possible. This strategic addition will also protect our patients’ safety while facilitating the deepest level of healing possible.”

The company also says the acquisition will enable it to provide patients with unlimited psychedelic group integration sessions and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. TripSitter will additionally gain access to the psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy training programs and psychedelic coaching courses offered by Reconscious.

Reconscious will be integrating its technology platform designed specifically for virtual psychedelic therapy with TripSitter’s advanced telehealth delivery system. TripSitter says the combination of both technologies will lay a strong foundation for safe and efficacious healing of its patients.

“Reconscious Medical will be vital in shaping safe and effective treatment protocols for patients in need of mental health treatment,” says TripSitter.


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