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Monday, Sep 25, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Zane Lamprey puts down his drink, puts on hemp pants

The TV host’s outdoor apparel company, Adv3nture, is pairing up with California cultivator Golden Seed to produce clothes made from hemp

Everyone’s favourite drinking and travel buddy, Zane Lamprey, is getting into the cannabis market.

Luckily, for the host of National Geographic’s Chug and the Travel Channel’s Three Sheets, this new venture won’t require Lamprey to put down his beer.

Adv3nture, Lamprey’s outdoor apparel brand, announced Thursday plans to collaborate with Golden Seed Inc., a California cannabis cultivator, to design clothes made from hemp.

Zane Lamprey Puts Down His Drink, Puts on Hemp Pants

JR Richardson, COO and cannabis cultivator for Golden Seed is a second-generation grower. Photo courtesy of Golden Seed.

“There have been considerable advancements made in domestic technology that will make the process of creating hemp fiber at scale possible in the near future,” Golden Seed CEO Scott Goldie said in a statement. “We want to be at the forefront of this trend.”

These do-good, be-good companies pride themselves in their philanthropic business initiatives.

Zane Lamprey Puts Down His Drink, Puts on Hemp Pants

Golden Seed CEO Scott Goldie says he has never smoked cannabis, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the plant. Photo courtesy of Golden Seed.

Adv3nture makes backpacks and apparel designed to be easy to travel — and drink around the world — in. For each item sold, the company plants three trees indigenous to the United States to promote local healthy forests.

Golden Seed says its hemp and cannabis plants are grown without conventional fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Healthy soil is really important to them and they pride themselves on making compost out of excess plant material left over at harvest time, according to core value statements on Golden Seed’s website.

“Partnering with Zane Lamprey and Adv3nture on hemp apparel and gear products is a natural fit for us in many ways,” Goldie said. “We love that Adv3nture, just like our company, is dedicated to preserving the environment and that they also see the value of building their brand through a community of crowdfunding investors.”

No stock options? No problem

While neither company is publicly traded, both offer unique ways investors can buy in to their businesses.

Adv3nture raised capital through crowdfunding and ran the most successful fashion Kickstarter ever in 2016, where its Adv3nture Hoodie raised US$1.8 million. Along with two other crowdsourced campaigns, the company has raised over US$3.5 million. Investors can currently buy in to the company with a minimum US$250 investment through StartEngine, which has already raised US$500,000.

Golden Seed is working on obtaining qualification from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to be able to sell stock in the near future, and is encouraging interested investors to sign up to a newsletter to stay up up date with the company.

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