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Monday, Sep 25, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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WeTrade Group receives Strongest Potential IPO of the Year Award for 2022

WeTrade Group is a SaaS based company offering offering services and tools for companies in multiple different sectors

Image via WeTrade Group.

WeTrade Group (NASDAQ: WETG) received the “Strongest Potential IPO of the Year” award by the 2022 GURUCLUB Greater China Best Listed Company Awards today.

The award recognizes the most influential publicly traded companies in the investment community. More specifically, the award looks at company’s financing, scale, profitability, financial security and market cap management. It also motivates companies displaying stable performance growth and value creation for shareholders to consider social responsibility.

Additionally, the award notes companies contributions to economic development, increase in living standards and national competitiveness. Finalists are chosen based on quantitative data analysis.

“In 2023, we plan on further refining our business structure by launching a multi-industry and diversified development strategy. Specifically, a YG new energy business segment will be developed alongside YCloud, Y-Health and WTPay segments,” said Hechun Wei, CEO of WeTrade.

WeTrade Group is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company offering technical support and digital transformation tools for companies in multiple different industries. The company uplisted to the NASDAQ in 2022 and has since expanded its footprint and adjusted its business structure to include its three principle offerings: YCloud, WTPay and Y-Health.

  • YCloud is a cloud based system launched by WeTrade involved in the global micro-business industry. It uses tech and data analysis to help strengthen users marketing and cost-per-sale commission profit management.
  • WTPay is fintech software that supports online payments and digital wallets in over 100 countries. Customers use WTPay for global acquisiting business, store openings, global payment collections, international banking, remittances and currency exchange.
  • Y-Health is the company’s medical-technology offering, servicing detection and prevention of epidemics, daily healthcare, traditional Chinese medicines and others.

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WeTrade Group expanded throughout 2022

In August of last year the company inked a $50 million contract with Jiqing Biomedical Technology and Parkway Medical to sell monkeypox virus test kits. Also, WeTrade entered into partnerships with Zhixun Biotechnology to promote COVID-19 disinfectant spray on its platforms.

The company launched its WTPay system in Singapore in October, while announcing a strategic cooperation with Vmade Tech PTE that would pay WeTrade $120 million for technical support.

Finally, the company attributes its development to YCloud, which it can extend to both businesses and enterprises. Additionally, it’s a critical digital tool that will help employment in China, like courier and online hailing services, which will grow as China relaxes its preventative pandemic policies.


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