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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
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Vuzix Corporation and Toppan test smart glasses for remote shopping

Vuzix’s claim to fame is in the sale and manufacture of smart glasses and augmented reality technologies and products for both consumer and enterprise markets.

Image courtesy of Vuzix

Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ:VUZI) announced today that digital transformation solution provider, Toppan, is using Vuzix smart glasses in its RemoPick system, which is presently being demonstrated at a 7-11 in Iizuna, Japan.

RemoPick allows for smoother communication by connecting remote locations in real time. Video and audio is sent from the application on a transmitting terminal like the smart glasses, and are displayed on the web browser of the viewing terminal. A user can touch the screen and an image with a pointer is shared with the sender, making it possible to accurately indicate the desired selection from afar.

“We are excited to be a part of Toppan’s innovative project to address social issues in Japan. With a steadily aging population, a diverse geography and persistent COVID challenges, there is a tremendous need throughout the country for a remote shopping solution such as RemoPick. There are over 50,000 convenience stores in Japan and some are located in mountainous or remote areas, so we believe the commencement of a rollout of this solution next year can represent a considerable smart glasses opportunity for Vuzix,” said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix.

Vuzix’s claim to fame is in the sale and manufacture of smart glasses and augmented reality technologies and products for both consumer and enterprise markets. Its products include personal display and wearable computing devices offering users a viewing experience, mobility options, wearable displays and AR functionality. The company holds 252 patents and patents pending as well as numerous IP licenses in the field of video eyewear. Vuzix has also won Consumer Electronics Shows awards for innovation for the years 2005 to 2022 and several wireless technology innovation awards.

The RemoPick trial started at the 7-11 store in June and July. A customer at home could use their mobile device to see a real-time video feed from glasses worn by a clerk. The customer communications their desires by tapping on the screen or talking through a chat function, and products they select ultimately arrive at their front door. The store took orders once a week, with 13 people in their 60’s or above using the service in the first two weeks. So far, customer feedback has been positive and if the test happening presently also provides successful, the company intends to launch the service in 2023.

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