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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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University of Exeter launches postgrad psychedelics certificate program

The online program ‘Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine, and Culture’ was announced at the Breaking Convention conference last week

UK school University of Exeter establishes world's first postgraduate psychedelics program
School campus. Photo via the University of Exeter

Health care providers and others in the United Kingdom and abroad will soon be able to learn more about psychedelics and how to use them safely and effectively after a new online program was launched at the University of Exeter.

The institution announced the new program at the Breaking Convention conference held at the university last week, one of Europe’s leading psychedelics conferences.

The new interdisciplinary online course is aimed at providing healthcare workers, therapists and others with comprehensive training on the potential benefits of psychedelics. The online program covers various topics related to the science and philosophy of psychedelic therapies, research methods, ethics, and medicine and aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants.

The program will be co-led by Celia Morgan, Professor of Psychopharmacology at the university and Head of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for Awakn Life Sciences Corp. (NEO: AWKN) (OTCQB: AWKNF) (FSE: 954).

It will also be led by Exeter Professor and Author Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Professor of Philosophy and Sociology Christine Hauskeller. The University requires potential students to submit an interest form before providing details on pricing, admission requirements and additional information.

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The program will focus on neuroscience, psychological therapy and other key components for training psychedelic therapists.

“The global body of high-quality evidence is now irrefutable – psychedelics can work where other treatments have failed,” said Morgan.

“The University of Exeter has led the way in research in this field, and our world-leading research and teaching staff are ideally placed to deliver a high-quality programme which will upskill professionals to take a holistic view of this exciting new field of treatment,” she added.

Morgan’s company Awakn is currently helping to establish a series of psychedelics clinics throughout Portugal.

Vancouver Island University also offers a one-year postgraduate psychedelic-assisted therapy training course in Nanaimo, Canada and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has established a Psychedelic Studies Initiative as well.

The establishment of the program follows an ever-increasing focus on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics around the globe. A recent report from the French market researcher Report Linker indicated that the global market for psychedelic drugs would nearly double in value by 2027, ascending to US$8.3 billion from its current value of US$4.8 billion.

As psychedelic therapies gain popularity the demand for properly trained medical practitioners will increase as well, particularly in Australia where psilocybin and MDMA will be prescribed for the treatment of certain mental health conditions beginning in July.

American states like Oregon and Colorado have also opted to legalize and regulate the use of psilocybin.


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