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Friday, Sep 22, 2023
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AI and Autonomy

Microsoft partners combine to form AI-oriented consultancy firm Lantern

Lantern specializes in several essential Microsoft solution areas encompassing a range of tools and services involving artificial intelligence and data analytics

Three Microsoft partners combine to form AI-oriented consultancy firm Lantern
Image by Caspar Camille Rubin via Unsplash

Three Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) partners have joined forces to form a new consultancy called Lantern, which specializes in using artificial intelligence and Microsoft-product related consulting and services to help clients achieve their business goals.

The new company is a combination of North American consultancies, Artis Consulting, DevFacto Technologies and Marquam Group, according to a Tuesday press release.

These offerings support informed decision-making, application management, cloud scalability, efficient business operations and workplace productivity, helping organizations innovate and operate effectively.

Additionally, Lantern uses immersive digital studios and adaptable workstyles. These studios offer various capabilities that can be customized to address clients’ business challenges, which can help clients innovate, and stay competitive in their industries.

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Multimodal workstyles allow teams to increase productivity

Lantern has embraced a new way of working called “multimodal workstyles” to overcome the problems of traditional hybrid work. This approach helps their teams be more flexible and effective in delivering results to clients by leaving old methods behind.

In simple terms, it means Lantern’s teams can switch between different work modes based on the task at hand and their personal preferences. This framework not only fosters collaboration but also inclusivity and adaptability, making it a valuable asset in their work toolkit.

“The formation of Lantern is a momentous occasion. We are fortunate to be building upon the stellar reputations of Artis, DevFacto and Marquam, to launch a new company that taps into the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft technologies to provide game-changing digital and AI-driven solutions,” said Lantern’s CEO, Jim Olson.

“Our team is hyper-focused on driving valuable business outcomes for our clients to achieve competitive advantage within their respective industries.”

Clients can also use Lantern for comprehensive support for Microsoft products, including strategy development, solution implementation and ongoing optimization.

Lantern is dedicated to cultivating a culture of innovation and continuous learning. Its employees span four North American time zones, and their management team consists of experienced Microsoft consulting leaders.

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Three consultancies offer different areas of expertise

Artis Consulting, established in 2002, specializes in Microsoft consulting, focusing on guiding clients through digital transformation by optimizing data usage. Its expertise lies in the realm of Microsoft-driven solutions, with a strong emphasis on data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent applications.

DevFacto Technologies is a consulting firm dedicated to delivering custom software development, user-friendly SharePoint solutions and visually appealing computer designs. It also offers Microsoft online services to meet their clients’ diverse needs.

Marquam is a Microsoft managed partner and technology consultancy with a history dating back to 1998. It has helped over 500 organizations to revitalize their businesses through its tailored software offerings. Marquam offers application development, business systems, cloud platforms, data analytics and process automation, all geared toward driving digital innovation.


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