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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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Shiba Inu ecosystem opens first Web3 restaurant in Italy

Web3 will play a role in Welly’s food operations from loyalty programs to food tracking from farm to table

Shiba Inu ecosystem puts together first Web3 restaurant in Italy
Image from Traxer via Unsplash.

SHIB and its Shiba Inu Ecosystem are collaborating on the development and operation of the world’s first Web3-backed restaurant called Welly in Naples, Italy.

Representatives of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem announced on Tuesday that it will help manage the restaurant’s operations, including managing loyalty programs, streamlining employee and franchise management.

Also, it involves using blockchain technology to track and source the origins of the food, including tracing the journey each morsel of food takes from farm to table. Initially, Welly’s menu will feature items such as burgers, fried chicken sandwiches and fries, with plans to introduce additional options like vegan and gluten-free choices in the future.

The company has plans to expand throughout Italy before eventually spreading across the rest of the world via franchising.

Shortly after its soft-launch last year, Welly sought the backing of the Shiba Inu token and #ShibArmy community to use the capabilities of the Shibarium blockchain to assist with expansion of its franchising operations in Italy and globally. This included the development of the new Welly concept and store layout, which were influenced by the input from the SHIB community.

“We live in an era where Web3 is not just a technology, but a philosophy that is reshaping how we collaborate and create,” said Stefano Guglielmini, another development team member.

“At Wellys, we see thousands of individuals from around the world joining us every day with the same passion and a common goal, demonstrating that the future belongs to decentralized collaboration.”

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Shibarium makes transactions faster and cost effective

Shibarium is a prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency ecosystem that has garnered widespread popularity among millions of SHIB holders across the globe. It holds 3.6 million followers on Twitter, and consistently ranks as the second most searched crypto project on Google. This ecosystem features a range of tokens, including $SHIB, $LEASH and $BONE, in addition to its native SHIBOSHIs NFTs.

The Shibarium blockchain behind the ecosystem has a strong focus on making transactions faster and more cost-effective, which is a significant improvement in the world of blockchain technology. It achieves this by using a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake (POS), which is not only environmentally friendly but also prioritizes the interests of the community.

In addition to these technical aspects, Shibarium plays a crucial role in supporting various components within the growing Shiba Inu Ecosystem. This ecosystem includes assets like $SHIB and $LEASH tokens, unique digital collectibles known as SHIBOSHI NFTs, a virtual world named SHIB The Metaverse, a decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap DEX, and an engaging game called Shiba Eternity. Shibarium acts as the backbone that helps these different parts of the Shiba Inu ecosystem work together seamlessly.

“From employees to customers to the food itself, there is almost no part of the restaurant experience that couldn’t help but benefit from blockchain, especially a high-powered one like Shibarium,” said Shiba Inu Lead Developer known as Shytoshi Kusama.

“We look forward to helping Welly become one of the best experiences in fast food through the ability of Shibarium to both streamline processes and incentivize every part of the fast food franchise process, connecting both franchisees and customers to the brand.”


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