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Thursday, Oct 6, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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RDARS flies where an eagle fears to tread

RDARS’ autonomous robotic systems provide situational awareness in a fashion that’s both cost effective and reliable

Photo by Sylvain Mauroux on Unsplash

RDARS (CSE:RDRS) opened a manufacturing facility in Pickering, Ontario, to produce its Eagle Eye and Eagle Nest lines of drones and drone stations.

Collectively, these are the Eagle Watch Platform and are the company’s key product. It consists of Eagle Eye, a drone, and Eagle Nest, a drone station, as well as Eagle Rover, which is an indoor robotic system, and Eagle Watch Command and Control Software to run it all. Putting together a manufacturing plant in Pickering is part and parcel of the company’s commitment to keep production rooted in Canada.

“We find that the highly skilled technology labour pool that is required for this advanced manufacturing process is available in Canada, and we are proud of this step we are taking. To be able to say made in Canada is an honour, and we believe that the stability of Canada, without all the risks of the geopolitical turmoil and supply chain disruptions, is important for the Company at this stage of its evolution” said Charles Zwebner, CEO and director of the company.

RDARS has been around since 2019 in official capacity as original equipment manufacturer of the Eagle Watch Platform. The company’s autonomous robotic systems provide situational awareness in a fashion that’s both cost effective and reliable with the overall mission being to improve alarm response, and get approvals from the federal regulatory agencies for beyond visual line of sight operations. At present, the RDARS is developing its tech for expansion to enterprise customers in the United States and Canada, where customers need reliable and improved property security.

The Eagle Watch Platform

The platform is different from the present commercial drone systems on the market in that it was designed for automated alarm response and provides situational awareness for a fraction of the cost of any competing technology. Both the private and public sectors can use the platform for alarm response, both scheduled and unscheduled patrols and archived video for both analysis and historical needs.

It’s a disruptive technology busy meeting the security industry’s increasing demand for protection using autonomous artificially intelligent systems that offer multiple different options for customers. A few of these options include real time response, situational awareness, verification, intervention, and also evidence recording, data capture and analysis, as well as immediate transmissions to public safety agencies. RDARS can spot a breach in real time, provide analysis, and send the data about perpetrators to police long before they even arrive onscene.

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