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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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QYOU Media launches its first direct consumer app in India

QYOU Media operates in both India and the United States, producing, distributing and marketing content created by social media influencers.

Photo by Julian Yu via Unsplash

QYOU Media (TSXVLQYOU) (OTCQB:QYOUF) announced that The Q India launched its first direct consumer app, Q PLAY.

Smart TV’s and mobile devices will carry the application, as will the Google Play Store. It offers all five Q India channels with all new future content offerings from The Q India.

“In less than 2 years we have grown the audience for Q India branded content from single digit millions to over 125 million every week. This is a major accomplishment that is driving much of our product development in 2022 and beyond.  We call it our “loudspeaker” and we fully intend to use it to deepen our engagement directly with our followers. This also increases our ability to deliver interactive and more targeted content & brand offerings to ultimately monetize our audience as effectively as possible,” said Curt Marvis, QYOU Media CEO and co-founder.

QYOU Media operates in both India and the United States, producing, distributing and marketing content created by social media influencers. The company operates in India under The Q, where it curates, produces and distributes content across traditional television, streaming platforms, mobile, smart TV’s and app based programs. The company now has five content destinations with a reach of over 125 million Indian households weekly. These content distribution angles include The Q (mass entertainment), Q Marathi (regional content), Q Kahaniyan (animated content), Q Comedistaan (comedy focused) and a live gaming angle called Q-GameX.

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Hot in India

India’s direct to consumer (D2C) industry has grown considerably in the past several years courtesy of mass-adoption of social media and influencer marketing. The market is anticipated to reach $100 billion by 2025. The Q India reaches over 125 million viewers weekly through its Q branded channels.

Q Play will take advantage of the anticipated audience scale by forging relationships between the company and its user base. It will use the large number of blue chip advertiser relationships held within the company and blend that with a data mining operation. The goal is to monetize using targeted content and ad campaigns.

The sizzle reel.

All channels will include content based on The Q’s programming approach involving social media creators and digital media stars. Q Play brings this together into one app and there’s room for expansion in the future.

“We are thrilled to get Q PLAY launched into the market. This will open up a myriad of new possibilities for us that simply are not possible when you are exclusively relying on third party platforms for distribution.  It will take us time to build and grow our user base, but this app is the tip of the spear around our digital objective to create a growing one on one customer relationship with our brand,” said Krishna Menon, Q India COO and head of digital initiatives.

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