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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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AI and Autonomy

Pulsr Foundation offers search engine optimization for NFTs

Pulsr benefits NFT artists by removing the need to understand complex Web3 metadata rules

Pulsr Foundation offers search engine optimization for NFTs
Image from Geralt Altmann via Pixabay.

Web3 firm, Pulsr Foundation released an artificial intelligence-based search engine optimization tool for non fungible tokens (NFT) on its platform.

The company said on Thursday that the new toolset uses AI to to help onchain collectors sift through the over 5 million NFTs across three different blockchains and marketplaces.

Pulsr offers a major benefit to NFT artists by removing the need for them to understand and follow the complex and scattered metadata rules in the Web3 ecosystem.

Metadata is important because it provides essential information about digital assets, such as NFTs, enabling better organization, discoverability and context for these assets.

Pulsr’s platform handles the process of enriching the metadata for artist’s NFTs, which simplifies the procedure and makes it much easier for artists to get their NFTs noticed without getting bogged down in technicalities.

“Millions of NFTs from talented artists lack ecosystem-wide visibility as onchain SEO is non-existent.” says Maxine Ryan, founder of Pulsr Foundation.

“Onchain collectors are now able to discover emerging artists buried under mass minting volumes, while having a search experience closer to how one searches on Google.”

Pulsr’s successfully closing its 2-million-dollar pre-seed round last year with notable investors from the Web3 space, including Spartan Capital, Sequoia, Future Fund, DIGITAL and prominent NFT angel investors all participating in the Pulsr Foundation’s funding round.

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AI can improve blockchain tech by enhancing smart contracts

Blockchain’s decentralized and unchangeable nature provides a secure and transparent way to record and verify data, which is crucial for building trust in AI systems by ensuring data integrity and traceability. It also allows collaborative sharing and monetization of AI models and data while maintaining privacy and ownership.

Additionally, AI can improve blockchain technology by enhancing consensus mechanisms, optimizing smart contracts and automating decision-making processes.

Here a few blockchain-based companies using artificial intelligence.

NFT marketplace, Opensea uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to root out fake copymints on NFTs.

Meanwhile, Rarible is an NFT marketplace that directly uses AI to generate collectable cards, and also employs AI algorithms to detect and prevent copyright infringement by analyzing the content of submitted NFTs.

Decentralized AI-marketplace, SingularityNET utilizes blockchain to create a decentralized platform for AI services, allowing individuals and organizations to share and access AI capabilities securely and transparently.


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