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Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024
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Peru Amazon tribe claims to be attacked by 7-ft aliens, authorities say illegal gold miners responsible

The tall beings described by one villager as similar to the Green Goblin had metallic suits with jet packs and were unphased by bullets

Peru Amazon tribe claims to be attacked by 7-ft aliens, cops say illegal gold miners responsible
Peruvian Navy arrives on scene in Alto Nanay, Loreto, Peru. Photo via Espacio Misterio

An Indigenous tribe in the Peruvian Amazon claims to be experiencing late-night attacks from strange tall beings and is asking for assistance from the country’s Navy to resolve the matter after a 15-year-old girl was harmed by one of the attackers.

Local media reported the bizarre activity on August 7 and the villagers say the attacks have been ongoing since July 11. The tribe in the Alto Nanay district of the Loreto region, a 10-hour boat ride from the city of Iquitos, says the girl ended up being hospitalized with a cut on her neck after an attempted kidnapping and struggle with one of the suspects and didn’t recover from shock until hours later.

However, an investigation by Peru’s Public Ministry determined that the attackers were illegal gold miners from Brazil and Colombia that intended to intimidate the Ikitu Indigenous people and were not extraterrestrial — despite claims from locals. Peruvian officials say these groups have been ejected from their countries by the military there and are now active in Peru.

Brazil’s O Primeiro Comando da Capital, Colombia’s “Clan del Golfo” and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are the organizations suspected to be responsible for the attacks.

Residents of the village say the suspects have high-tech equipment including jet packs and the prosecutor investigating the case, Carlos Castro Quintanilla, says there are mafias of foreigners living in certain towns within the Loreto region running illegal gold mining operations.

The lawyer and ufologist Anthony Choy is not convinced by the ministry’s conclusion though and told local media that seeing alien beings in the Peruvian Amazon was not a novel occurrence.

“Yes, there is a presence of non-human beings in the Peruvian Amazon, yes there is, totally. This has already occurred in previous years and elsewhere,” said Choy.

Peru Amazon tribe claims to be attacked by 7-ft aliens, cops say illegal gold miners responsible

Young woman assaulted on July 11, Loreto, Peru. Photo via Espacio Misterio

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Witnesses say they have advanced technology

Some of the Ikitu witnesses claim that the suspects have large heads, yellow eyes, wear protective armour and have round shoes with a red light on one of the heels. They say that the attackers are two metres tall, wearing hoods, dressed in all black and immune to the weapons they use to hunt animals.

“These gentlemen are aliens. They seem armoured like the Green Goblin from Spider Man. I have shot one twice and it didn’t fall. Instead, it elevated and disappeared,” said leading Indigenous group member Jairo Reátegui Ávila to a local Peruvian radio station on August 1.

Tribe members are currently conducting nightly patrols in the area to protect vulnerable members of the community and the situation remains tense as investigation of the unusual activity continues.


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