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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022
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MAPS now providing digital psychedelic education

Psychedelic Fundamentals course to provide broad overview of a vast topic

MAPS now providing online psychedelic education
Photo via MAPS

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) will now be offering a means for the average Joe to gain some insight into a vast, complicated and multi-faceted topic steadily gaining interest in society.

On Thursday, MAPS announced that it is now offering an online psychedelic education program entitled Psychedelic Fundamentals.

The new five-module curriculum will be offered in partnership with Interwoven, an end-to-end digital marketing service. Topics covered will include clinical research, psychedelic history, therapeutic uses of psychoactive substances, science and harm reduction.

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MAPS claims that the Psychedelic Fundamentals education program will be the ideal starting point for people beginning their research on psychedelics. The new course is said to be valuable for those investigating the therapeutic potential of psychoactive substances for themselves or others — and for psychonauts, mycophiles and others interested in the latest research and developments in the industry.

MAPS also says that well-versed psychedelic users will find the curriculum to be a useful resource for updated psychedelic policy info and harm reduction strategies intended to help them facilitate more enjoyable trips/sessions with select substances.

“This is the drug training we should have all received as teenagers. It was not just about the different substances, but the benefits they can have, as well as how to integrate those experiences, and also some useful tips for how to be there for those in need while they are having them. So much valuable information in one place, with the awareness to tell users to be cautious and aware of what they are doing,” said a “proficient” Psychedelic Fundamentals student.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies was founded with the goal of facilitating legal, medical and cultural methods for society to reap the benefits of its non-profit studies focused on the meticulous use of psychedelics and marijuana.

Since 1986, MAPS has been concerned with combatting the vast amount of misinformation on psychedelics spread throughout the public sphere during the course of the war on drugs. The lack of an authoritative curriculum and limited resources for the masses has led the organization to promote education regarding the immense therapeutic potential of psychoactive substances and other topics.

The Psychedelic Fundamentals course contains five modules: Psychedelics & Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, The Current State of Psychedelics, Psychedelic Brain Science 101, Comparing Psychedelic Substances and Psychedelic Trip Planning & Harm Reduction.

Each module is said to contain a series of straight-forward lessons, and MAPS has also created an online community platform where students and psychedelic enthusiasts can interact and share ideas.

“Psychedelic Fundamentals is a program for everyone — even for people who may never take a psychedelic themselves. Within the next few years, millions of people may be eligible for a prescription of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Having access to a science-based educational curriculum, backed by MAPS’ nearly four decades as the world leader in psychedelics, will give people shared language and knowledge to better care for loved ones who may be looking into these treatments,” said Shirelle Noble, Director of Digital at MAPS.

MAPS has now been featured in the third episode of How to Change Your Mind, a Netflix documentary mini-series about psychedelics that premiered on Tuesday.

The Psychedelic Fundamentals online course can be purchased here.


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