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Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022
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Filament Health undertakes innovative clinical trial

FDA-approved psilocin study in California said to be first of its kind for industry

Filament Health undertakes innovative clinical trial
Photo via Filament Health

A British Columbia-based psychedelic drug company has recently extended some innovational research down south into San Fransisco.

On Thursday, Filament Health Corp. (OTCQB: FLHLF) (NEO: FH) (FSE: 7QS) revealed that it would begin administering doses of naturally derived psilocin in a new FDA-approved clinical trial studying the impact of organic psychedelic compounds on humans.

The company claims that the new trial underway in the Translational Psychedelic Research Program (TrPR) lab at the University of California, San Fransisco will be the first to utilize naturally derived psychedelic drug candidates.

“We are excited to conduct the first trial of naturally sourced psilocybin and the first modern trial of psilocin from any source,” said Dr. Joshua Woolley, MD/Ph.D., Director of TrPR and Principal Investigator for the study.

“This trial will provide crucial information about the effects and mechanisms of these compounds that could allow for greatly enhanced psychedelic-assisted therapy,” he added.

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Filament Health is a clinical-stage company with a passion for developing naturally-derived psychedelic drugs. The organization expresses a belief that psychoactive medicines can improve people’s lives and has a mission to provide them to those in need. Filament has become a pioneer with natural psychedelics.

“Filament Health has a robust natural psychedelics IP portfolio rooted in novel extraction and purification methods. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Psilo Scientific Ltd., we hold a Health Canada Dealer’s License for all-natural psychedelics and in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities.”

The new trial supervised by Dr. Joshua Woolley will administer psilocin and psilocybin extracted from mushrooms instead of laboratory-derived synthetic compounds used in the past. Filament’s Research will be centred around investigating three proprietary botanical drug candidates consisting of psychedelic compounds extracted from certain varieties of fungi.

Comparing physiological and psychological results of orally administered psilocin and psilocybin on healthy adult subjects will be the primary goal of the trial. The study will enroll twenty participants ages 25-50 who will be supervised by facilitators and a clinician throughout the process.

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone in an FDA-approved trial. We look forward to increasing the scientific understanding of potential benefits and applications for natural psychedelic medicines, and to getting these treatments to those in need,” said Filament Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin Lightburn.

According to Filament, manufacturers in the past have been unsuccessful at producing psilocin out of its prodrug form, psilocybin. This will be the first time that natural or synthetic psilocin has ever been utilized in an FDA-approved clinical study.

Recently, the company successfully raised $2.5 million to continue its progressive research analyzing psychedelic therapies which may provide reduced side effects, improved consistency, increased bioavailability and more rapid onset times.

Filament has developed approximately 70 strains of psychedelic mushrooms for experimental purposes. The organization has a research and development facility in Vancouver that could allegedly supply every psilocybin clinical trial in the world. The company is also engaged with ongoing studies examining the therapeutic potential of DMT and mescaline.


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