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Monday, Mar 27, 2023
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Health & Wellness

Inspira Technologies gets Israeli patent office nod for key component to Inspira Art system

The component works secures a thin tube called a cannula from moving or dislodging from the patient’s neck.

Inspira Art
Image via Inspira Technologies

Inspira Technologies (NASDAQ:IINN) (NASDAQ:IINNW) received a new patent from the Israeli patient office (ILPO) for a safety component of the Inspira Art system.

The component works secures a thin tube called a cannula from moving or dislodging from the patient’s neck. Movement often happens when a patient changes their posture in bed or during physiotherapy treatment.

“We believe that the grant of this patent is another validation of our innovation and supports our core mission for the INSPIRA ART system – to reduce the dependency on invasive mechanical ventilation and improve patient safety and outcomes. This patent is part of the Company’s portfolio of patents that are at various phases of the filing process and which we expect to see progress to grant status,” said Inspira’s CEO, Dagi Ben-Noon.

Inspira Technologies is a medical technology company dealing with respiratory treatments. The company’s technology is an augmented respiration technology called INSPIRA ART. It helps stabilize patient oxygen saturation levels. The tech keeps patients awake during treatment while reducing the need for invasive and costly ventilators, intubation and medically induced comas. Also, the INSPIRA ART system hasn’t been tested or used in humans, nor has it been been approved by any regulatory body.

The ILPO is a certified International Searching and Examining (ISA) appointed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It’s a party to the PCT-PPH Program, an initiative joined by over thirty national patent offices promoting work sharing and patent processing.

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Inspira Art and other uses

The company believes that potential improvements in safety and mobilization for patients will enhance the system usability and medical value to both patients and medical staff, and therefore, translate into greater market adoption.

The newly patented tech is a key component of the Inspira Art system, but it has extra uses.  In theory, it is useful to the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) device market. ECMO provides heart and lung support to people whose bodies can’t support enough gas exchange to sustain life. Hospitals perform over 35,000 ECMO procedures every year. Also, the ECMO market is worth an estimated $531 million per year.


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