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Monday, Sep 26, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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CBD Oil a Hot Wedding Trend for 2019

EZ Lifestyle, a company that focuses on health trends, surveyed 1,000 millenials to find the number one trend for weddings in 2019 is CBD oil.


Cannabis and weddings a perfect marriage for millennials.

The biggest wedding trend for 2019 is CBD oil, according to a global wellness brand that surveyed 1,000 millenials.

There’s been no shortage of ways that cannabis can be incorporated into a wedding and EZ Lifestyle, a company that focuses on health trends with 300,000 customers, found the number one wedding trend this year will be using CBD oil.

Millenials have a wellness focus in their lives, according to the company, which broke down its top trending products by “trending healthy wedding swag” and “top summer wedding swag.” In the health options category, CBD oil was given top honors while a sleep mask and earplugs was the highest rated summer swag. In the survey, 75 per cent voted in favor of a healthy gift bag option rather than a traditional wedding bag.

The company did the survey to see how much impact healthier choices had on millennials:

Millennials are some of the most health conscious people with buying power, and also the most likely to be attending weddings this summer. We were curious to find out just how much their desire for healthier lifestyles would permeate into wedding season.

– Tom Greenberg, CEO of EZ Lifestyle

Right behind CBD oil was a natural hangover prevention supplement and that could be good news for the up-and-coming edibles market with cannabis-infused beverages being hangover free. In the future CBD and cannabis beverages could make the list as a healthier alternative to alcohol that make hangovers obsolete.

CBD baby showers trending

With Kim Kardashian’s recent high profile CBD-themed baby shower, that featured many ways to use CBD and a bar that allowed people to create infused products, CBD and baby showers might also be a new trend to watch for.

CBD has been trending upward in the health and wellness world with some products already selling out. And with more celebrity exposure, while combining CBD with weddings, baby showers and other social gatherings, the trend is expected to continue.

With Canada legalizing edibles this October, the 2020 wedding season may get further infused with cannabis and CBD beverages, food, and beauty products. Even for people who don’t use cannabis, the non-intoxicating CBD can be an option for wedding guests and planners who want to add a unique feature to the celebration.

Once vendors reach a higher scale of CBD production, it could further increase potential for the wedding industry.  And more weddings in the U.S. may start including cannabis and CBD, but it may only flourish once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates CBD and the federal government legalizes recreational weed.


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