The weed wireCannabics Pharmaceuticals developing cannabinoid colon cancer treatment

The non-psychoactive formulation completed its preclinical trial Monday
Michelle Gamage Michelle GamageApril 13, 20204 min

A new cannabinoid-based treatment for colon cancer has passed a key testing phase.

On Monday, cannabis-derived drug developer Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQX: CNBX) said the the new formulation completed its preclinical trial at a research facility in Israel.

The medicine contains a high dose of the the cannabinoid cannabidivarin (CBDV) and cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which Cannabics said in a statement has anti-tumour properties.

The two cannabinoids have no psychoactive effect, unlike THC, so patients can take high doses of the medication without getting high, the company said.

Cannabics is an American company developing personalized cannabis-based cancer therapies at its research and development facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health to do scientific and clinical research on cannabinoid formulations and cancer.

It’s widely established that cannabis can help treat nausea, pain and loss of appetite in cancer patients, but the idea that weed can actually fight cancer cells itself is still gaining traction in mainstream medicine.

Statements like “Cannabis can cure cancer” can be problematic because only certain cannabinoids have been clinically verified to have anti-tumour properties against certain cancers. Research has also shown that when people seek out alternative cancer therapies they often delay conventional treatments, which can reduce their ability to fight the disease in the long-run.

With cannabis legalization in Canada came a surge of research and funding for the medical applications of weed.

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Now weed, and its many cannabinoids, is being tested in clinical trials for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including post traumatic stress disorder, opioid addiction and cancer.

Cannabics is also testing how the cannabinoids cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG) can be used to fight gastrointestinal cancer.

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