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Saturday, Jun 15, 2024
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Biogen ends 17-Year Aduhelm alzheimer’s drug study

Aduhelm’s troubled journey and the pursuit of new horizons

Biogen headquarters
Via Biogen

Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB), a renowned biotechnology company specializing in neurological disorders, has made a significant announcement regarding its Alzheimer’s treatment Aduhelm. The company last week revealed its decision to terminate a post-approval study for Aduhelm and return the licensing rights on the drug. This marks the conclusion of a 17-year-long journey since its inception.

Biogen cited challenges in finding a suitable partner for mitigating the costs associated with obtaining standard regulatory approval for Aduhelm. This was a primary reason for discontinuing the study after careful deliberation. Despite efforts to secure collaboration for financing Aduhelm, hurdles persisted. This extensive search began in January the previous year.

Expressing concerns over the timing of Aduhelm’s standard approval and potential advancements in the pharmaceutical landscape, Biogen decided to discontinue the study to avoid further delays. The company acknowledged the evolving market dynamics and the possibility of new medicines entering the market before Aduhelm could receive standard approval.

The decision to halt the Aduhelm study reflects Biogen’s strategic realignment towards prioritizing resources and focusing on more promising avenues in Alzheimer’s research. With a view to optimizing its portfolio and addressing critical healthcare needs, Biogen aims to redirect its efforts toward alternative treatments. This includes exploring therapeutic approaches beyond its current focus.

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The market reacts to Biogen’s decision on Aduhelm

In light of the announcement, Biogen will return the Aduhelm rights to Neurimmune, the original licensee since 2007. Despite the financial implications, market analysts view the reallocation of resources from Aduhelm to other potential treatments as a positive strategic move by Biogen. This contributed to a positive stock performance with a nearly 2% increase.

Moving forward, Biogen will intensify efforts toward the launch of Alzheimer’s medicine Leqembi, developed in collaboration with Japanese partner Eisai. Additionally, the company plans to explore two experimental treatments that target tau, a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This demonstrates a commitment to innovation and addressing unmet medical needs in the field.

Biogen’s decision marks a turning point in Alzheimer’s research, shifting focus to alternative treatments. Moreover, the company’s strategic realignment reflects its commitment to addressing critical healthcare needs with agility and foresight. Meanwhile, the healthcare community awaits further developments in Alzheimer’s research and the potential impact on patient care and treatment outcomes.


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