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Saturday, Jul 2, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
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Industry update

BC greenlights cannabis gift baskets

An update to provincial rules to pot shops gives retailers the ability to group items at a discount

BC greenlights cannabis gift baskets

British Columbia has updated its terms and conditions for cannabis retailers, which includes new verbiage for gift baskets, charitable donations and accessories.

The province has released a revised version of its Cannabis Retail Store Licence Terms and Conditions Handbook.

Aside from adding more clarity on what’s permissible, the biggest change affecting stores is the ability to bundle products together at a lower per-item price.

Updating the “Shopping bags” section of the document, it reads: “Licensees may sell shopping bags containing cannabis and cannabis accessories that have been assembled into a gift package, including any incidental decorative packing such as cellophane, bows, and ribbons, provided that the gift packages comply with federal, local government and/or Indigenous nation laws, bylaws and requirements.”

For Evergreen Cannabis co-owner Mike Babins, it’s a way he can finally, legally put items together and discount them.

“We weren’t allowed to say, ‘If you buy this, we’ll give you a discount on this,’ but now we can say, ‘You can buy this whole bag for this price,'” Babins explains.

The rest of the changes provide more clarification on what to expect in terms of enforcement, but won’t lead to any major changes for most retail operators in B.C.

Other revisions include more clarification on minors, following the province revoking a previous window-covering requirement that some shops said presented security risks; the definition of cannabis accessories; and official approval of charitable donations, which Babins has already been doing anyhow.

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Evergreen donates all proceeds from its branded merchandise to the Portland Hotel Society, a non-profit organization that provides housing opportunities and support for marginalized citizens living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The full text of the rest of the revisions:

  • A licensee must not allow minors to enter or be in the retail store and minors cannot be employed in the retail store. In addition, cannabis and cannabis accessories must not be visible to minors from outside the store. As a means to minimize unlawful entry by minors, it is recommended that licensees post signage at the entrance to their stores indicating that minors are not permitted.
  • A licensee must not sell non-medical cannabis or cannabis accessories to a minor (in B.C., those under the age of 19). Licensees and their employees must be proactive about meeting this legal requirement and must ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent youth access and exposure. If a licensee or an employee allows a minor to enter their store or to purchase cannabis or cannabis accessories, the licensee’s licensing privileges could be jeopardized and they risk prosecution under provincial legislation.
  • A licensee must keep… Employee records including names, addresses, salaries, qualification information, responsible training
    information primary job responsibilities, shift schedules and dates of employment.
  • A cannabis retail store must be located in a permanent building or structure. Displays must not permit self service by patrons (including dispensing devices). All patrons must be assisted by a store employee, as all cannabis and cannabis accessories must be displayed in a way that products are not accessible to patrons. If the general manager has approved a shared common area (e.g. vestibule) licensees are not permitted to advertise or erect displays within the shared common area. Cannabis, cannabis accessories and packaging and labelling of cannabis and cannabis accessories must not be visible from the shared common area. If a shared common area is approved by the general manager, a licensee must notify the Branch if the adjoining business.
  • A licensee may sell in the retail store, through an online system, or by telephone:
    • Non-medical cannabis purchased from the Liquor Distribution Branch and in its original unopened package.
    • Cannabis accessories used in direct and indirect consumption of cannabis, such as rolling papers,lighters, and gummy-making kits. This does not include cannabis-related items not related to consumption (e.g., apparel, magazines, books).
    • Gift cards (see ‘Gift Cards’ above)
  • A licensee may collect money for charitable organizations through a POS system or containers placed near the
    point of sale and hold the money in trust until remitting the entire amount to the beneficiary. A licensee may not
    profit, recover administrative costs, or receive any benefits from the money collected.

Top image by Nick Laba


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