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Monday, Dec 4, 2023
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Strategic Resources and Cipher Neutron collaborate on ‘green’ steel

The agreement will help Strategic expedite the transition towards manufacturing nearly emissions-free iron metallic products

Strategic Resources and Cipher Neutron collaborate on green steel
The AEM Electrolyzer. Image via Cipher Neutron.

Strategic Resources Inc. (TSXV: SR) and Cipher Neutron Inc (CN) are collaborating to produce zero emission ‘green’ steel made from environmentally-friendly sources.

Announced Wednesday, the agreement has Cipher Neutron delivering its proprietary Anion Exchange Membrane Elecrolyzers to Strategic’s BlackRock site in Saguenay, Quebec, in support of developing the green hydrogen needed to make green steel.

Green steel refers to steel production processes that prioritize environmental sustainability and minimize carbon emissions. It involves using renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen or electricity from renewable sources, to replace traditional carbon-intensive methods like coal-based heating.

The aim of green steel is to significantly reduce or even eliminate the carbon footprint associated with steel production, contributing to a more eco-friendly and climate-conscious industrial sector.

Collaboratively, CN and Strategic aim to further enhance Strategic’s GHG reduction achievements in the initial phase of the partnership, with the goal of achieving even lower emissions. In this phase, CN will design the setup for around eighty-four 250-Kilowatt AEM Green Hydrogen Electrolysers. These will produce approximately 10 tonnes of green hydrogen gas daily, intended for use in iron reduction and potentially other applications within the BlackRock Project.

The agreement gives Strategic the option to use AEM Electrolysers from CN for the BlackRock Project. This project includes making iron, titanium and vanadium at a special plant near the Port of Saguenay in Canada.

As this initial project phase progresses, the supply of AEM Green Hydrogen Electrolysers could yield significant revenue for Cipher Neutron. Depending on factors such as the availability of electrical energy, the project’s expansion could potentially include over two hundred 250-Kilowatt Electrolysers, producing up to 30 tonnes of Green Hydrogen per day for the BlackRock Project.

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Strategic project highlights accomplishments in greenhouse gas reduction

Strategic has successfully conducted a bankable feasibility study for the fully-permitted BlackRock Project. This project highlights substantial accomplishments in advanced greenhouse gas reduction using proven technologies.

According to the most recent feasibility study by Strategic, the company intends to use natural gas for its Tenova HYL Energiron direct reduction plant.

This facility can also operate with hydrogen. The agreement with Cipher Neutron that will help Strategic to move along the process with hydrogen development, helping the company make the transition towards manufacturing nearly emissions-free iron metallic products. The steel is meant to be used in electric arc furnaces and steel foundries.

The Port of Saguenay’s leased industrial site for the BlackRock Project offers a perfect spot to put Cipher Neutron’s Green Hydrogen AEM Electrolysers to use.

Strategic can then use this Green Hydrogen in its Tenova HYL Energiron plant, which is ready to use hydrogen. This helps the company make clean and pure iron for Green Steel, which is environmentally friendly.


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