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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022
Mugglehead Magazine
Alternative investment news based in Vancouver, B.C.

Industry update

Stoner DAO set to kick off in Las Vegas

Preliminary event for November canna-conference to be held this August

Stoner DAO set to kick off in Las Vegas
Photo via Unsplash - David Vives

A sneak peek of a so-called “Legendary Lifestyle” cannabis conference will soon be premiering in Vegas, an event that promises to host some distinguished guests.

On Tuesday, cannabis apparel distributor, AI tech enthusiast and NFT guru — NEKTR Token announced a primer event for the upcoming 2022 Stoner DAO Canna-Conference in Las Vegas. This initial kick-off function will be hosted on August 10, and the full conference will take place between November 15-19.

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What is the “Stoner DAO” you may ask? Organizers offer an explanation –

“THE STONER DAO is a community of cannabis investors who have minted or acquired the exclusive NEKTR STONER PUNKZ on the Solana Blockchain cryptocurrency platform. As a community of ‘high’ investors, we ‘grow’ the Stoner Dao treasury through our NEKTR Legendary Leaf mobile (available on IOS & Android) online cultivation game and a variety of other cannabis industry ventures, events and opportunities.”

The kickoff event and the November conference will be hosted at Castlelike Manor in Henderson, Nevada — a luxurious 8,000-square-foot venue featuring a cannabis spa, pool, theatre, patio and game room. The events will be hosted in part by hotelFUBU, a hospitality brand founded in New York. Henderson is a short drive away from downtown Las Vegas and there will be an after party held on the Vegas strip.

NEKTR says that the purpose of the conference will be to explore cannabis industry culture, lifestyle, products, enterprise and development. Additionally, the pro-medical cannabis NFT gaming platform will highlight speakers, industry entrepreneurs, tastemakers and executives with intention of supporting the integration of cannabis conference culture into the American marketplace and society.

“This DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be the vehicle for revenue generation for all members through a network of pro-cannabis goods and services that promote/provide psychoactive and/or non-psychoactive cannabis/cannabis support for consumers throughout the day/week depending on their concurrent activities.” – NEKTR

Renowned conference guests will include Keith Berry, an MMA fighter and cannabis advocate; and Dr. Ken Kelly MD, a Presidential Scholar from the University of Central Arkansas.

An assortment of food trucks will be available on-site for hungry cannabis enthusiasts attending the conference.


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