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Tuesday, Jun 6, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Sleep tech start-up Somnox starts crowdfunding for new ‘Sleep Robot’

The company’s device is said to stimulate calm breathing and promote better sleep through sensor technology

Netherlands sleep tech start up raises €565K in crowdfunding from 317 investors
Sleep Robot. Photo via Somnox

A new egg-shaped “Sleep Robot” device has been helping people in Europe and North America get better rest by using sensor technology to lower their breathing rate and induce a state of relaxation.

Somnox, the Dutch sleep technology start-up company that created the product, has been actively fundraising to continue developing the device.

As of Tuesday, the company has raised a total of €574,000 from 319 investors and aims to raise €750,000 by the end of its fundraising campaign hosted on Oneplanetcrowd.

The egg-shaped device is the company’s flagship product, the first version of which was released in 2019. The second and most recent version was unveiled in November last year.

The company made the Sleep Robot available in North America last May and in November of that year, Somnox claimed 20,000 people had benefitted from its use since it was created. India’s market researcher Graphical Research has estimated that the sleep tech market in North America will be worth approximately US$17 billion by 2027.

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The first prototype of the Sleep Robot was developed by a team at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

“I translated [all of my] findings into multiple prototypes and tested them with insomniacs. After many iterations, we struck gold. A technology that helps users slow down their breath, calm them down, and guide them into a peaceful slumber, Somnox was born,” said the company’s founder Julian Jagtenberg to the European technology publication Silicon Canals.

Hapbee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: HAPB) (OTCQX: HAPBF) (FSE: HA1) is another sleep technology company that has designed innovative sleep aids.

In September last year, the company released the newest version of its Smart Sleep Pad product which uses a patented system of low-frequency magnetic field bio-streaming technology to help users get improved sleep.


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