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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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Seattle rolling paper expert offers muggleheads US$4.20 to review pre-rolls ‘for science’

The Science of Smokeability study will be ongoing for the next two years

Seattle rolling paper distributor offers muggleheads US$4.20 to review pre-rolls 'for science'
"Do you wanna get paid to smoke weed for science?" Image credit: DaySavers

Two hundred American weed smokers will soon have the opportunity to be paid marijuana connoisseurs.

That’s right, a new “Science of Smokeability” study aimed at identifying how cultivation and processing practices can impact a smoker’s experience will be taking place over the next two years. DaySavers, a rolling papers and accessories company involved with the research, announced the initiative on Monday.

Participants will be paid a symbolic US$4.20 to burn two pre-rolls and review the experience.

The company has partnered with South Carolina’s Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC) and Boston’s Network of Applied Pharmacognosy for the research endeavour. It will examine a combination of data from smoking experiments (using machines) and smoker feedback. Pharmacognosy refers to the study of drugs and medicines derived from natural sources like THC and CBD.

“Through this research, we will be shedding light on some major unknowns in the cannabis industry,” DaySavers chief executive Harrison Bard said. DaySavers is a subsidiary of Custom Cones USA.

Variables being assessed by the investigators include mineral content, composition of smoke, nutritional content and moisture levels. They will also study different characteristics of infused pre-rolls.

“We are actively establishing the benchmarks for ensuring the highest standards in producing flower intended for combustion,” Allison Justice, Founder of the CRC, said.

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Custom Cones USA seeks content creator to take on ‘stoner dream job’

The pre-roll specialist revealed in March that it sought a new social media guru who will get paid over US$70,000 a year. Their job will be to get baked and be awesome while making an assortment of content and getting paid to travel to weed-related events.

The job posting was then updated in May as the right stoner had not been identified yet. Custom Cones wanted applicants to submit a video about burning one down that stuck out from the rest.

The submission window closed on Jun. 1 and the company is now deliberating who will be the victorious ganja journalist.

Image credit: DaySavers


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