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Saturday, Jun 15, 2024
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Alternative Energy

Revolve Renewable Power’s Primus Wind Project well underway in Colorado

The Primus Project is north of Burlington in Kit Carson County along the eastern plains of Colorado.

Primus Wind
Photo by Rabih Shasha via Unsplash

Revolve Renewable Power (TSXV:REVV) provided an update on the developments regarding its 49.6 megawatt Primus Wind project.

The Primus Project is north of Burlington in Kit Carson County along the eastern plains of Colorado. Winds here are among the highest in the United States, which make it perfect for wind energy projects. The project is accessed through the local road network and is in close proximity to the local transmission network.

Development on the project started in August 2021 and has since consisted of securing site control, interconnection and energy resource assessment. The company signed a few leases with various private landowners, which provided land for the present phase of the project. These included long term leases of up to 25 years.

Formed in 2012, Revolve develops wind, solar and battery storage projects in the United States and Mexico. It has a portfolio of 3,6000 megawatts presently in development. The company’s second division, Revolve Renewable Business Solutions, installs and operates sub 20 megawatt distribution generation assets. The company presently has an operating portfolio of 2.85 megawatts with an addition 6.2 megawatts under construction.

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Primus Wind Project

The project works decently close to the existing transmission network in the state. There are also plans in the deal to upgrade the infrastructure across the eastern plains in Colorado to assist with expansion of renewable energy electricity projects. Interconnection came about because of an interconnection informational study the company performed with Tri State Generation and Transmission in 2021. Received in February 2022, the study provided a detailed overview of the likely interconnection course for the project. Consequently, Revolve elected to apply to Tri State for interconnection for the project because of the findings of the study. The company intends to release the study results during Q1 2023.

Finally, the energy resource assessment involves the installation of what’s called a meteorological mast (met mast) at the project site. A met mast collects climactic data over a year. Revolve acquired a permit from the county office at Kit Carson to install the device. The installation was completed in September by Harness Energy, a specialist met tower company from Colorado. Data collection started shortly after.

The company’s plans for 2023 include a continuance of its plans for 2022. The company continuing to the next phase of its interconnection process in 2023. It also anticipates starting work on county and state permits after the Phase One is completed. These will take between 12 and 15 months to complete. Finally, after the first year of wind data collection is complete, the company will produce an energy yield report.

Revolve’s intends to break ground on the Primus project in 2024.


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