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Sunday, Dec 3, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Psyched Wellness Amanita muscaria extract shows potential for brain health improvement

The study found that the extract activates specialized cells within the brain

Amanita muscaria mushrooms growing at the base of a tree in the fall season. Vancouver, B.C. Photo by Rowan Dunne

Psyched Wellness (CSE: PSYC) (OTC Pink: DCNPF) has developed an extract that could improve people’s brain function by activating specialized cells.

The recent study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology and was led by researchers at the National Research Council of Canada and the University of Alberta.

The extract works by activating microglial cells, which play a vital role in maintaining brain health and in regulating the immune system. The researchers showed for the first time that it can activate those cells when they are grown in lab cultures.

Neuroinflammation and immune-induced changes in the brain have been implicated in various conditions, including migraines, depression and altered sleep patterns. The researchers believe that by understanding the mechanisms underlying microglia activation they can provide valuable insights into the development of these conditions and potential therapeutic interventions.

“The potential priming effect results in a more efficient response of these cells to help maintain brain maintenance and thus sustainment of normal brain functions,” said Brian Tancowny, a Scientific Advisor for Psyched Wellness.

Microglia cells play a vital role in maintaining brain health by clearing the CNS of infectious agents, plaques, damaged neurons and excess synapses which can disrupt normal brain functioning.

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Study provided insights to the company’s team

The researchers also demonstrated that the Amanita muscaria extract contains crucial metabolites like trehalose, a sugar found in some fungi and yeasts.

This discovery was made possible through the use of metabolite screening technology. Trehalose, which is used in the production of food, beauty products and some pharmaceuticals, could play a vital role in modulating microglial inflammatory responses.

Psyched’s Chief Operations Officer David Shisel says the studies conducted on the extract proved that the product has additional benefits the company was previously unaware of, thereby furthering his understanding of how the mushroom extract works.

Psyched also announced on Wednesday that the mushroom extract was now available on the website of the American department store Sears. The extract is also currently available on Amazon and at Good Earth Markets locations.

The company’s shares dropped by 14.29 per cent on Wednesday to $0.06 on the Canadian Securities Exchange.


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