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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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OCS suggests higher THC limits in sight of cannabis act review

The government-run pot shop wants to amend limits on THC, introduce stronger QC measures and re-evaluate packaging rules

Ontario Cannabis Store offers response to government review of cannabis act
Photo via Ontario Cannabis Store

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) wants the government to adjust the THC limits of products, enhance cannabis literacy and responsible consumption as well as introduce stronger quality assurance measures while reconsidering current packaging rules.

The document entitled “Opportunities to Improve the Canadian Federal Cannabis Framework: Perspectives from the Ontario Cannabis Store,” was published on Wednesday in response to Health Canada’s ongoing review of the Cannabis Act and the regulations contained therein.

The OCS wants Health Canada to reconsider the limits on THC which have been dissuading people from purchasing their cannabis products from legal sources when they want something more potent.

It also wants the government entity to implement stronger quality control measures to help ensure ongoing consumer confidence in legal cannabis merchandise and to re-evaluate packaging rules for cannabis goods to address environmental concerns and sustainability in the industry.

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“As the largest cannabis distributor in Canada, with almost 1,600 retail stores open in Ontario, OCS is offering our unique perspective as part of the legislative review of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations,” said David Lobo, President and CEO of the OCS.

Lobo added that the OCS was committed to cooperating with Health Canada and other government entities to ensure the health and safety of the public while fighting against illegal cannabis market activity and promoting the development of the recreational cannabis industry.

Health Canada also announced on Thursday the five experts that will be part of the Expert Panel reviewing the Cannabis Act which will collaborate with the OCS in updating the legislation.


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