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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Mugglehead Magazine
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AI and Autonomy

Liberty Defense Holdings provides security for major Canadian airport

HEXWAVE employs millimetre wave technology, advanced 3D imaging, and AI to detect concealed metallic and non-metallic threats

Liberty Defense Holdings provides security for major Canadian airport
The Hexwave devices at work at Denver, Colorado airport. Image via Liberty Defense Holdings.

Transportation hubs throughout Canada and the United States have been employing artificial intelligence-based systems and technologies to help raise security for customers and staff.

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (TSXV: SCAN) (OTCQB: LDDFF) (FRANKFURT: LD2A) announced on Monday that it shipped its artificial intelligence-based HEXWAVE security system to a major airport in Canada to perform screening applications.

HEXWAVE employs millimeter wave technology, advanced 3D imaging, and AI to detect all types of concealed metallic and non-metallic threats, as well as other prohibited items, without requiring passengers to divest common items.

All of this comes in a contactless, walkthrough portal. Liberty customers walk through the portal and the technology scans their bodies for dangerous items like various liquids, powders, plastic explosives, as well as 3D printed ghost guns and other modern threats that traditional metal detectors don’t pick up. The system then creates a three dimensional image using millimeter waves and uses AI to analyze the image for threats.

“The flexibility of the HEXWAVE allows for quick deployment and movement of the HEXWAVE to areas inside and outside the airport,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

HEXWAVE integrates artificial intelligence through a proprietary AI platform that utilizes machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Furthermore, this AI has been trained on vast amounts of data to recognize specific objects, including non-metallic threats like explosives and 3D printed guns, at speeds far exceeding human capabilities.

In real-time, the AI analyzes the 3D image generated by millimetre waves to identify concealed threats while filtering out common items like phones, keys and wallets. This allows security personnel to focus on potential threats flagged by the AI.

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Artificial intelligence extends far past security

Pratibha Kumari, Director of Digital Strategy and Analytics at DataThick, says that AI’s core strength lies in its ability to efficiently handle vast amounts of data. She points out that through machine learning and other techniques, AI systems can not only adapt but also improve their performance over time.

Additionally, she notes that AI’s capacity to make informed decisions based on learned patterns sets it apart from traditional automation. This is functionally what HEXWAVE does in gathering data received when a customer goes through a checkpoint.

It’s also what VERSES AI Inc. (CBOE:VERS) (OTCQB:VRSSF) specializes in with its flagship product, Genius.

Genius stands as the world’s first natural computing system modelled after a breakthrough in biological processes.

Normal AI systems draw from enormous data sets and are excellent at pattern recognition and reconstruction. Genius, however, uses nature-inspired biological processes. These in turn create agents capable of collaboration that exhibit the dynamic behaviours of autonomous intelligent systems.

This capability allows Genius to manage uncertainty and risk effectively as it works to create safe and sustainable environments at scale.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Harry

    May 7, 2024 at 2:32 pm

    This article had nothing to do with verses but just because they pay mugglehead, mugglehead added their name on it. Yet another example how Gabriel Rene is scamming people

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