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Sunday, Oct 1, 2023
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Housing non-profit opens New York’s first recreational cannabis shop

All sales revenue will be directed to the non-profit Housing Works

Housing non-profit opens New York's first recreational cannabis shop
The new cannabis shop is located in the Astor Place neighbourhood in Manhattan. Photo by Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons.

Housing non-profit Housing Works will be the first organization to operate a recreational cannabis store in New York state.

This Wednesday, Housing Works announced that the store will be located in Manhattan and is having a soft opening on Thursday. The shop is located at 750 Broadway in the Astor Place neighborhood which is operated by the non-profit.

All the revenue generated from sales will go to the non-profit which was founded in 1990 to address HIV/AIDS and help those going through homelessness.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” said Sasha Nutgent, store manager of Housing Works Cannabis Co.

“That said, our nonprofit’s mission remains as urgent as ever. We are eager to take the lead as a social equity model for America’s cannabis industry, specifically with our hiring practices and continued support of individuals and communities disproportionately impacted by the unjust War on Drugs,” Nutgent added.

Housing Works also operates thrift stores, a bookstore and now the first cannabis shop in the state.

“At our core, we’re a healing community dedicated to providing housing, healthcare and vocational programs for New Yorkers,” said Charles King, CEO of Housing Works.

“This opportunity will not only give our team the resources to further our overall mission, but to feature and elevate products coming from LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women-led cannabis brands across the state.”

The store is 4,400 square feet, and is located in the renowned building Astor Place, which was completed in 1883.

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“With its history of supporting New Yorkers, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals, we’re proud that Housing Works is seizing this opportunity to grow its resources and deliver more for New Yorkers,” said Chris Alexander, executive director of the Office of Cannabis Management.

“When this store opens, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase tested, safer products grown by family farmers across New York State, reducing risk while supporting their communities.”

Housing Works Cannabis Co is a recipient of New York State’s social equity license initiative and it was founded in 2022 as a bold new extension of Housing Works’ established retail outlets.

For thirty years, Housing Works has provided housing, healthcare and other critical services to New Yorkers affected by AIDS, homelessness, substance use and criminal justice system involvement. The Housing Works Cannabis Co not only generates additional funding for these services, but it also does so while modeling the positive role cannabis can play in our communities.



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