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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Mugglehead Magazine
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Hapbee Technologies inks agreement with assisted living firm Gray Matters Alliance

Gray Matters Alliance provides technology products and services to support individuals in need

Hapbee Technologies inks agreement with assisted living firm Gray Matters Alliance
Hapbee Smart Wearable technology. Image via Hapbee Technologies.

Hapbee Technologies (TSXV: HAPB) (OTCQB: HAPBF) has partnered with an assisted living services firm to help seniors and people living in care facilities rest easier by using its sleep aid devices

On Thursday, the Vancouver-based company signed an agreement with assisted living services company, Gray Matters Alliance.

Researchers with the National Centres for Biotechnology Information estimate that between 40 per cent and 70 per cent of older adults have chronic sleep issues and up to half of cases may be undiagnosed.

“With the clients we serve, lack of sleep leads to a host of issues that exacerbate already existing problems, such as behavioural issues, inattentiveness, irritability, learning, memory, and driving, just to name a few,” said Vicki Spraul, president and founder of Gray Matters Alliance.

“The amount of interest we have received in the Smart Sleep Pad since introducing it has been tremendous. Hapbee addresses so many core issues not only for the patient but for the caregivers and facilities as well.”

GMA’s services extend to families, professional staff, and caregivers, aiming to enhance the overall well-being of these individuals. It also offers a range of solutions including assistive technology/remote supports, durable medical equipment, low or no vision devices, home safety assessments, and turnkey call centre solutions.

Smart sleep pad. Image via Hapbee Technologies.

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Gray Matters Alliance hold status as approved Medicaid Waiver Provider

As a nationwide organization, GMA holds the status of an approved Medicaid Waiver Provider in Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma, ensuring accessibility and coverage for its services. Furthermore, GMA is recognized as an approved brain injury waiver provider by the Department of Health and Senior Services in Missouri. GMA remains committed to expanding its reach and is actively seeking additional state approvals to extend support to even more individuals in need.

Gray Matters Alliance specializes in providing technology products and services to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and the elderly.

Hapbee’s technology uses ultra-low, electromagnetic biostreams derived from compounds like CBD, nicotine, and melatonin, which are facilitated through the company’s devices, including the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad and Neckband.

Hapbee is a digital wellness technology company. Its digital wellness library of Wellness Routines utilizes patented ultra-low radiofrequency energy (ulRFE®), designed to help optimize users’ sleep, productivity, and focus, recovery, and downtime.

Mugglehead has reached out for more information.

Hapbee Technologies shares were flat at $0.10 on Thursday on the TSX Venture Exchange.


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